Rudy Giuliani Ends Election Fraud Claims Against Georgia Workers

A landmark legal resolution restores dignity to wronged individuals.

by Nouman Rasool
Rudy Giuliani Ends Election Fraud Claims Against Georgia Workers
© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

In a pivotal turn of events, Rudy Giuliani, the former advisor to President Trump, has consented to halt his allegations of election fraud against Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, as revealed in recent court documents.

This agreement emerges from a defamation lawsuit that culminated in December with a substantial $148 million judgment in favor of the mother-daughter duo. Freeman and Moss found themselves at the center of controversy following the 2020 Presidential election.

Giuliani accused them of manipulating voting results using USB drives, which he described as being exchanged "like vials of heroin or cocaine." The grave allegations suggested that they had engaged in counting ballots fraudulently, with Giuliani citing an instance where Moss was handed a mint by her mother during the count, which he misrepresented as a USB drive.

Justice and Vindication

The legal victory for Freeman and Moss in December marked a significant moment in their battle for justice, after enduring severe personal upheavals. The baseless claims led to a slew of threats and harassment, forcing Freeman to leave her home for safety.

The aftermath of the accusations saw the two being cleared of all charges by Georgia state authorities last year, reaffirming their innocence. The financial repercussions of the lawsuit have been stark for Giuliani, who declared bankruptcy shortly after the judgment.

He sought to appeal the decision but was hindered by financial constraints, with the court stipulating that any appeal would require the backing of an external party for his legal fees. Further complicating matters, earlier this month, Freeman and Moss reported to a bankruptcy court that Giuliani had persisted in defaming them.

They pointed to an April livestream in which Giuliani allegedly continued to assert that they had counted ballots more than once, claiming he had evidence of such actions. This week's settlement includes not only Giuliani's commitment to cease his derogatory claims but also allows for the enforcement of the judgment and any future injunctions against him.

Michael J. Gottlieb, representing Freeman and Moss, expressed relief and vindication for his clients, stating, “Today ends his efforts to profit off of lies about these two heroes of American democracy." This resolution marks the end of a distressing chapter for Freeman and Moss, setting a precedent for the consequences of spreading falsehoods in highly charged political environments.