Scrubs’ Producer Eric Weinberg to Face Trial on 28 Se-ual Assault Charges

Hollywood reels as producer faces serious legal allegations.

by Nouman Rasool
Scrubs’ Producer Eric Weinberg to Face Trial on 28 Se-ual Assault Charges
© Robyn Beck - Pool/Getty Images

The legendary TV producer Eric Weinberg — the one and the same who brought shows such as "Scrubs" and "Californication" into peoples' lives — is gearing up for trial.and it's not for a small amount of charges.

The number of stakes comes to 28 in total: counts of se-ual assault and forcible rape, with added se-ual battery. All in all, the former high-profile producer could be facing life in prison if found guilty. The charges stem from accusations brought forward by eight women, claiming abuse that spanned between 2014 and 2019.

These allegations surfaced after a preliminary hearing that saw nine women testify against Weinberg, recounting harrowing experiences that allegedly occurred during supposed photoshoots at his residence. According to reports from Variety, these meetings often began innocuously in public spaces such as coffee shops and grocery stores where Weinberg posed as a benefactor in the modeling industry.

Charges of Terror

The severity of the charges and the detailed accounts of the alleged victims paint a troubling picture of manipulation and fear. Some of the women testified that they feared for their lives, with statements like, "I thought maybe he would attack me, or rape me, or worst-case scenario: death… No one knew where I was,” highlighting the gravity of their encounters.

Moreover, four women claimed that their interactions included being choked by Weinberg, adding a layer of physical assault to their accusations. Weinberg, who has been in custody since October 22 after a judge deemed him a continuous threat based on the volume and nature of the allegations, had previously been arrested and released on bail in July 2022.

His bail was set at $3.225 million initially and later increased to $5 million on October 5, 2022, before being revoked entirely later that month. As the case proceeds, Judge Charlaine Olmedo, notable for overseeing the rape case against Danny Masterson, has dismissed four charges while allowing the 28 others to proceed to trial.

Weinberg has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The upcoming arraignment scheduled for June 4 marks the next step in a case that has captured public and media attention. Representatives for Weinberg and the Los Angeles District Attorney's office have not made any public comments about the proceeding.