Glen Powell's Blue Angels Doc Inspired by Top Gun: 'Skies Never the Same'

Glen Powell's latest project explores the elite Blue Angels

by Zain ul Abedin
Glen Powell's Blue Angels Doc Inspired by Top Gun: 'Skies Never the Same'
© Chris Saucedo/Getty Images

Glen Powell, widely recognized for his roles in high-octane films, is now fulfilling a childhood dream with the release of his latest project, "The Blue Angels." This documentary, produced by Powell in collaboration with J.J.

Abrams, offers an immersive year-long glimpse into the lives of the Navy’s elite Flight Demonstration Squadron, known as the Blue Angels. The film promises an extraordinary viewing experience, taking audiences directly into the cockpit.

Powell recounts his early fascination with the Blue Angels, which began at an air show he attended as a child. "I remember as a kid going to this air show," Powell tells PEOPLE. "It's amazing to have your mind blown as a kid, but it's even more incredible to see adults sharing that same level of awe." Having grown up with Blue Angels posters adorning his walls, Powell describes the opportunity to interact with the pilots personally for the documentary as a full-circle moment.

"These are people that aren't only representing the Navy but are also serving their country," he says. "It's inspirational to see them be extraordinary at what they do and also be great people representing the best of the Navy and America." Powell's love for aviation was further solidified while filming the 2022 blockbuster "Top Gun: Maverick" alongside Tom Cruise.

"It's pretty impossible to leave that experience and not feel completely inspired by aviation," Powell remarks. "Tom makes it look pretty damn cool. We were living on real naval bases and flying with the best pilots. The Navy folks made that movie possible and became our friends and family."

Tom Cruise's Impact

Interestingly, it was Cruise's own experience flying with the Blue Angels that inspired him to make the original "Top Gun" in 1986.

Powell leaned on Cruise for advice when preparing for the documentary. "Tom is such a cheerleader for everyone around him," Powell says. "His love of aviation became my love of aviation. Once you're on a tarmac with Cruise, nothing's ever the same.

You never look at the skies the same way." Reflecting on his career, Powell expresses gratitude for working with his childhood heroes like Cruise and Abrams. Recently inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame, Powell feels this moment in his career is "pretty surreal." He acknowledges the support of his family, who have been with him through his journey from a 10-year-old aspiring actor to his current successes.

"Having my family next to me who remembers all the failures and tough years makes the wins feel a lot brighter," he says. Despite the challenges of being in the spotlight, Powell's love for film keeps him grounded. "At the end of the day, I really love this job," he notes.

"If you don't love this business, it throws a lot of unexpected things at you. It can be a whirlwind." Powell's journey seems far from over. "Those bucket-list items are actually arriving at my door," he adds. "I'm just taking it all in and taking it moment by moment.

There's plenty more to achieve. I'm hoping this is just the beginning." "The Blue Angels" is currently playing in IMAX theaters and will be available to stream on Prime Video starting May 23.