Justin Long on His 'Deep Affection' for Ex Drew Barrymore: 'Love Doesn't Disappear'

Justin Long opens up about his relationship with Drew Barrymore

by Zain ul Abedin
Justin Long on His 'Deep Affection' for Ex Drew Barrymore: 'Love Doesn't Disappear'
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Justin Long recently shared his enduring affection for ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore during an episode of Jesse Tyler Ferguson's podcast, "Dinner's on Me." The Barbarian actor revealed that he hadn't seen Barrymore "in a couple years" prior to his appearance on her talk show in September 2022.

Long, 45, reflected on their relationship, particularly before the COVID-19 pandemic, when they were trying to redefine their connection. "I was single, and we had that moment that we were trying to define [how we'd be] moving forward in each other's lives, because we have so much love for each other," he explained.

"And at the end of the day, we are dear friends." He emphasized Barrymore's genuine nature, describing her as "hyper-present and loving" and recalled the warmth of their reunion on her show. "Being on her show was that experience and the reminder of that, and how just wonderful that glow feels," he said.

Despite their past, Long, who married Kate Bosworth in May 2023, felt a strong sense of familiarity with Barrymore, sometimes forgetting the public nature of their interaction. "When I'm with her, there's such a familiarity that I swear to God, Jesse, I forgot ...

the public nature of [our interview]," he admitted.

Enduring Affection Confirmed

Ferguson noted the sweetness of Long's conversation with Barrymore, especially their mutual declaration of enduring love. Long affirmed this sentiment, stating, "Unless there's, like, some great offense, some criminal offense ...

I don't think love disappears." Long expressed his deep affection for Barrymore, saying, "When I think of her, I have such deep affection and always root for her, and I just, I love her." He also highlighted how his wife, Bosworth, demonstrated her support by sending Barrymore flowers and a thoughtful note after his appearance on her show.

Reflecting on their reunion, Long acknowledged that it might have been awkward for his now-wife, but Bosworth was entirely supportive. "It was so not weird for her," he said. Long and Barrymore, who dated on and off between 2007 and 2010, have maintained a friendly relationship.

Long expressed his philosophy on relationships, emphasizing the importance of preserving positive connections with exes. "Sure, there's a period of difficulty, but I don't understand carrying that with you for the remainder of your life," he shared.

"I endeavor to be on only loving terms with [my exes] because things don't work out, but you still spent good years and good times, and that I don't understand."

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