Bill Maher Admits Trump’s Humor is a Winning Strategy: 'He's Still Got It'

New Polling Data Shows Trump's Lead in Swing States

by Zain ul Abedin
Bill Maher Admits Trump’s Humor is a Winning Strategy: 'He's Still Got It'
© Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher recently attacked President Joe Biden, criticizing his appearance and effectiveness while acknowledging the appeal of former President Donald Trump's humor to voters. During an appearance on Fox News’ "Gutfeld!," Maher expressed his concerns about Trump's growing popularity as the November presidential election approaches.

Host Greg Gutfeld suggested that Maher was troubled by Trump's rising support, saying, "I think that is bothering you, Bill." Maher candidly responded, “It is bothering me because, again, he is an insurrectionist who doesn’t believe in democracy.

So, of course, it bothers me. And of course, he is also insane, a criminal, and stupid”. Maher continued by contrasting Biden and Trump, noting, "What works for him, I mean look, he’s almost the same age as Biden, but Biden presents as old and ancient.

That does not look old. He does not present as old”. He further elaborated with a humorous analogy, saying, “It’s like KISS, he puts on the wig and the face paint and it’s 1976 all over again”.

Trump's Leading Polls

This commentary comes as new polling data reveals Trump leading Biden in several critical swing states.

Trump holds a 14-point lead in Nevada, a 10-point lead in Georgia, a 7-point lead in Michigan, and a 3-point lead in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Trump is ahead in Arizona, further solidifying his position as a formidable candidate in the upcoming election.

The contrasting public perceptions of Biden and Trump have become a focal point in the political landscape. Critics like Maher portray Biden as "old and ancient," highlighting a vulnerability that Trump appears to exploit effectively with his energetic and humorous persona.

As the election draws nearer, the impact of these perceptions on voter behavior will be a key factor to watch. Maher's remarks underscore the significance of image and presentation in modern politics, where humor and charisma can be as influential as policy positions.