Donald Trump Campaign to Sue Over 'Apprentice' Over Ivana Rape Scene

Exploring Trump's Tumultuous Past in New Cinematic Release.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump Campaign to Sue Over 'Apprentice' Over Ivana Rape Scene
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FORMER president Donald Trump is gearing up another defamation lawsuit as he battles numerous other legal entanglements, including a high profile case in New York. This time, his target is the new film The Apprentice that debuted on the film festival circuit in Cannes.

Directed by Ali Abbasi, the film narrates how Trump managed to rise from under the thumb of his father with the invaluable help of the formidable Roy Cohn. The movie was very much viewed, in that immediately after it ends the role played by actor Sebastian Stan as Trump gets an 11-minute.

Speaking on behalf of Trump's campaign, Steven Cheung announced the forthcoming legal action. He described the film as "outrageously fake" and a work of fiction that is purported to weaken Trump in a potential 2024 White House bid.

He said the Hollywood attempts were tantamount to election interference depending on a cinema release and—in all honesty—were baseless as they would not stop Trump from returning to politics.

Controversial Trump Portrayal

The movie is focused all the time on the most controversial episodes in Trump's early business life, some of which dated back to the 1970s and 80s.

A disturbing reenactment that takes place is regarding Trump with his first wife, Ivana Trump, played by Maria Bakalova. This has since reignited talk over the allegations that Ivana had recanted comments she previously made about se-ual assault by Trump.

Adding to its controversial narrative, the film also explores Trump's vanity, depicting scenes of hair treatments and liposuction, and touches upon his rumored dependency on amphetamines. The response from Trump’s camp has been fierce.

Cheung’s harsh critique extended to calling the film “malicious defamation” and stating that it deserves to be discarded rather than distributed. He likened it to trash, undeserving of even a direct-to-DVD release.

The Apprentice is not the first cinematic attempt to capture the controversial nature of Trump’s life and politics, and it comes at a time when Trump's legal troubles continue to mount. With the hush money trial progressing, Trump is expected to appear in court again soon, facing a potential gag order violation.

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