Expert Claims King Charles and Prince William Have Frozen Out Prince Harry

Royal family dynamics continue to strain amidst ongoing tensions.

by Nouman Rasool
Expert Claims King Charles and Prince William Have Frozen Out Prince Harry
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Tensions continue to mount within the British royal family as King Charles and Prince William reportedly have little patience left for Prince Harry, suggests royal expert Christopher Andersen. The revelation comes amid the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recent visit to Nigeria, which, despite being a private trip, bore the hallmarks of a conventional royal tour.

The couple's three-day journey to West Africa was characterized by engagements typically reserved for royal visits, including receptions and visits to schools, charities, and support centers for wounded soldiers and the disabled.

This trip, as observed by Andersen, seemed to further strain the already tenuous relations within the royal family. According to him, Harry had been metaphorically "crossed off" the list by his father and brother even before his departure to Nigeria.

Speaking to Fox News, Andersen elaborated on the dynamic within the royal household. "King Charles and Prince William have opted to simply ignore Harry, effectively freezing him out of their lives. They're determined not to let him disrupt their focus on the myriad of critical issues they face," Andersen explained.

He added poignantly, "Indifference, rather than hate, seems to be the true opposite of love in this context."

Royal Allure Abroad

Despite their estrangement from royal duties since 2020, the Sussexes were welcomed in Nigeria by the nation's highest-ranking military official, suggesting that their royal allure persists abroad.

Andersen noted that Harry's affinity for Africa isn't what alienated him from the royal family. "The reasons for the rift are numerous, and Harry’s travels, even with Meghan by his side, aren’t among them," he stated.

Further complicating matters, royal expert Tom Quinn shared with the Mirror that the trip "confirmed the worst fears" of the royal family, leaving Prince William and King Charles "absolutely furious." The meticulously organized visit mirrored the structure of an official royal tour, intensifying the family's frustration.

To add a personal touch to the visit, Meghan Markle referred to Nigeria as "my country" and cohosted a Women in Leadership summit with World Trade Organization Director General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. According to Meghan, the summit was an experience that was both "eye-opening" and "humbling," as it allowed her to connect deeply with her roots.

Throughout their visit, Harry and Meghan received over 20 gifts, all of which they retained, a privilege of their post-royal status. This trip not only highlighted their ongoing commitment to their philanthropic endeavors but also underscored the widening gap between the Sussexes and the British royal establishment.

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