Kevin Costner Teary at Cannes; 'Horizon' Gets Ovation, 3 Sequels Planned

Kevin Costner's 'Horizon' captivates with dramatic Western flair.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Costner Teary at Cannes; 'Horizon' Gets Ovation, 3 Sequels Planned
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Kevin Costner has received applause lasting seven minutes for his new film, "Horizon: An American Saga," during the Cannes Film Festival. The atmosphere was charged with emotion, and people chanted, "Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!" in recognition of Costner, who was playing a dual role—both the director and one of the main actors—in this Western epic.

During his heartfelt speech, Costner expressed his gratitude to the audience, promising three additional installments to the burgeoning "Horizon" franchise, with a sequel already scheduled for release in August. His words, "I’m sorry you had to clap that long for me to understand that I should speak," elicited laughter and showcased his humble appreciation for the moment which he described as unforgettable for him and his family.

"Horizon" delves into the gritty expansion of the American West, portraying the lives of cattle ranchers, farmers, soldiers, and the Native peoples whose stories intertwine in the narrative. But this film can't be recognized only by a good story; it is Costner's major personal investment, reportedly of more than $100 million, which included mortgaging his ranch to quite literally bring his vision to life.

Spellbound at Cannes

Despite being drawn out over three hours, causing lots of mixed reactions and some walkouts – most of the audience was spellbound. Costner's character, who wanders through rough landscapes in a 19th century setting, gets himself into high drama confrontations and a controversial liaison – all amidst retaining the rough ambiance of the Wild West.

Costner's own history with the western is, by most standards, resilient. Sure, he's had hits before: the commercially successful "Open Range" and the glossy but undeniable Best Picture Oscar winner, "Dances With Wolves," but his recent departure from the series "Yellowstone," while it remains a success in its fourth season, was because of the demanding schedule that would require "Horizon".

Apparently, he's taking this one rather seriously. The premiere of "Horizon" at Cannes marks the beginning of its journey to theaters, with its U.S. debut set for June 28, followed by the second chapter on August 16. The ensemble cast includes notable figures such as Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and Jena Malone, promising a rich tapestry of characters and performances.

As "Horizon" prepares for its theatrical release, the anticipation builds not only for its initial reception but also for the potential impact of its sequels. This project is a testament to Costner’s enduring passion and commitment to storytelling, particularly within the iconic American Western setting.

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