Zac Brown Files Lawsuit Against Estranged Wife Over Instagram Post

Zac Brown's Personal and Professional Life Faces New Challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Zac Brown Files Lawsuit Against Estranged Wife Over Instagram Post
© Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Country music star Zac Brown is suing his estranged wife, Kelly Yazdi, over an Instagram post that he says breaches a confidentiality agreement and harms his public image. In a lawsuit filed at a Georgia court on Friday, Brown's attorneys are seeking an emergency temporary restraining order to delete the controversial post from social media.

The lawsuit also charges the court to issue an injunction that would prevent Yazdi from ever writing any "defamatory, false, untrue, or otherwise damaging statements" about him, his family, and the members of his band. The court documents did not detail the Instagram post, but the lawsuit alleges it violated a previous agreement to privacy that Yazdi, described in the suit as Brown's wife and a former employee of his company, had agreed to in the past.

As of this point, Yazdi has made no public comment on the allegations.

Zac Brown's Turbulent Year

Zac Brown is best known as the co-founder and lead singer of country superstars the Zac Brown Band, who have won three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist in 2010 and Best Country Album in 2013.

Apart from his prominent position in the high-profile group, Brown's personal life has also been on display, as he not only married Yazdi this past August in Georgia but also recently proposed to her in 2022. Regrettably, just four months later, the couple announced they were splitting up after explaining that they only respect and are grateful for the moments that they shared.

For her part, Yazdi has quite the dazzling career as an actress and stuntwoman for SAG-AFTRA, supermodel, and brand ambassador. She stars in the movie "The Beautiful Ones" and acts for the TV series "Hawaii Five-0." This lawsuit is the latest twist in Brown's personal life after his first marriage to jewelry designer Shelly Brown ended in 2018, following the birth of five children and 12 years of married life.

In this ongoing legal battle, there emerges evidence of just how messy the interplay between private life and public personas in the entertainment industry can get.