Daniel Radcliffe Recalls 'Nerve-Wracking' Role as Wedding Ring Bearer

Actor reflects on a memorable wedding experience

by Zain ul Abedin
Daniel Radcliffe Recalls 'Nerve-Wracking' Role as Wedding Ring Bearer
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Daniel Radcliffe recently reflected on his unexpected role as ring bearer at his Merrily We Roll Along costar Lindsay Mendez's wedding, sharing that it was both nerve-wracking and memorable. The actor, 34, recounted the experience while speaking to Variety at the Drama League Awards on May 17, highlighting how he took on the role following a last-minute decision by Mendez.

"It was really nerve-wracking because, until the day before [the wedding], I wasn’t the ring bearer," Radcliffe explained. "Then Lindsay thought it would be funny because I’m the ring bearer in the show. I was like, 'Oh, man, now I’ve got responsibility at this wedding, and I have to not screw it up.

I have to not drop the rings in Central Park and lose them.' " Despite his initial concerns, Radcliffe shared that everything went smoothly, adding, "But it was all fine. It was good." The wedding, held on April 22 in New York City, saw Mendez, 41, marry actor J.

Alex Brinson. In another personal touch, their Merrily costar Jonathan Groff served as the officiant. Groff, 39, who has officiated four previous weddings, expressed his joy at being part of the ceremony. "To be officiating Lindsay’s wedding as she’s embarking on this journey with her husband and Dan [Radcliffe] there as the ring bearer within this moment of Merrily really was so special," Groff told Variety.

Wedding Bond Celebrated

The trio's bond was forged while they starred in the off-Broadway production and the Broadway revival of the Tony Award-nominated play Merrily We Roll Along. This close relationship was evident throughout the wedding festivities.

Mendez, who is expecting her second child this fall, spoke with PEOPLE at the 2024 Tony Awards Meet the Nominees on May 5, sharing her gratitude for her costars' involvement in her wedding. "They were with me right when I started dating my husband and have been with me through a lot of just that season of my life and always were rooting for us," she said.

"And they're uncles to my daughter, and it wouldn't have been the same without them." Reflecting on the significance of their presence, Mendez added, "It was so special to have them part of it. We've gotten so close. I think the show naturally breeds it.

These years that have gone by where we've had so many life events happen, obviously, and stuff happened between the three of us, and we've all gotten to be there for that."

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