Danny O'Donoghue's Tragic Exit from The Voice UK

O'Donoghue reveals the real reason behind his departure.

by Nouman Rasool
Danny O'Donoghue's Tragic Exit from The Voice UK
© Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

The Script frontman Danny O'Donoghue stormed to fame and fortune by being a judge on The Voice UK when it was first broadcast. Fans loved him, and he knew just how to work them. However, after only two series, he threw everybody into a state of shock by deciding to quit the show.

It had been rumored at the time that he'd grown increasingly unhappy with it, but his actual reasoning for stepping aside was never made clear. It has not all been smooth sailing for O'Donoghue during his time on The Voice, however.

In the first series, there was much media speculation that he was romantically involved with runner-up Bo Bruce—an allegation he initially responded to with "No comment". Bruce denied the claims and said they "had a thing" and that he had "cut her off."Yet his coaching skills came to the fore in the second series when he took his act, Andrea Begley, to victory.

Not long after this victory, also, did O'Donoghue soon leave the show. This decision was odd, given that he has been doing so well with The Script at this point. Between 2008, when the band first became known with songs like "We Cry," "Breakeven," and "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," and 2012, when they recorded "Hall of Fame" with will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas who served as a judge on The Voice, the song became their highest-charting success up to today.

Heartfelt Departure Explained

In 2016, The Script took a small sabbatical as O'Donoghue went through throat surgery. The band was back on its feet in 2017 and is still touring. His exit from The Voice had to be with deep personal pain, though.

O'Donoghue told the Daily Mail his mother's health was one of the big reasons he left. He similarly had to take a break from the public scene in 2013 when his mother, Ailish, was taken ill with a brain aneurysm. O'Donoghue explained, "I enjoyed my time as a judge and mentor.

But when Mum had the aneurysm, I had to retreat because I knew I couldn't be a family man, look after The Script and be on a demanding show like The Voice." For six years, O'Donoghue looked after his mother, playing her favourite songs on loop, he said.

Their hit, "Hall of Fame," he described as crucial to her recovery: "It was the thing that cracked it, when my mum started responding to our music.". Danny O'Donoghue's transformation from The Voice to the ardent family man that he is speaks volumes about the sacrifices we make for loved ones and underscores how music can be a unifier.