Demi Moore's Wisdom at Cannes

Demi Moore honors rising stars at Cannes Film Festival.

by Nouman Rasool
Demi Moore's Wisdom at Cannes
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Demi Moore officially became a "godmother," something she disclosed during an elite ceremony, the Chopard Trophée Awards, on May 17 at the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival. The 61-year-old actress is on hand to toast Mike Faist of "Challengers" and Sophie Wilde of "Talk to Me." Moore, star of such films as "Ghost," showed her enthusiasm and gratitude at being selected as the Chopard godmother.

"I feel really fortunate to have been selected to be a godmother of these two exceptional talents," said the actress. She even added a touch of humor when reflecting on the traditional American perspective on godmothering.

"In the U.S., being a godparent kind of means you have no responsibility," she laughed. "You get to spoil the kids with all the things the parents disallow, like candy and toys." But Moore took a more serious and supportive note as her message moved to addressing both young stars directly.

"But actually, that said, I feel that you are both so accomplished and talented that I argue you need nothing from me and have all the resources within yourself to handle whatever comes your way."

Demi Moore Shines

Moore cut an effulgent self in a turquoise sequin Balenciaga gown further complemented by the scintillating Chopard jewel that made everything about her perfect for the evening's elegance and sophistication.

She ended her speech by letting the stars in the ascendant know that she had their back. "But as your appointed godmother, remember I'm not just here for the fun stuff, and you don't have to do it alone," Moore assured the campers about her commitment to their future endeavors.

The Chopard Trophée Awards at the Cannes Film Festival shone a light on a new generation of talent in the film industry, with this year's "new faces in cinema" being Faist and Wilde. Moore's godmothering attests to her own legacy in Hollywood and further cements the role established actors can play in securing a new generation of talent.

With her body language and words literally from the heart, Demi Moore proved once more her commitment to film and upcoming stars, making the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival a place to be.

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