Bill Maher Slams Steve-O for Expecting Him to Quit Pot for Interview

Bill Maher addresses Steve-O's podcast interview request controversy

by Zain ul Abedin
Bill Maher Slams Steve-O for Expecting Him to Quit Pot for Interview
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Bill Maher has responded to Steve-O's comments about an interview request gone awry. Earlier this year, Steve-O revealed on his "Wild Ride!" podcast that he declined an invitation to appear on Maher’s "Club Random" podcast because Maher refused to abstain from smoking weed during the interview, despite Steve-O being 16 years sober.

Maher addressed the situation in an upcoming episode of "Club Random" featuring Tony Hawk, confirming the story but showing no regret for his decision. "That Steve-O guy was taking shots at me in the press recently," Maher said.

"It was an unfortunate situation. I don’t want to start a feud, and I'm sorry that he felt slighted, but it is ridiculous that somebody thinks I should give up pot smoking because they have a problem. I'm sorry you can't be here." Maher emphasized that "Club Random" is filmed at his house, where guests must adhere to his rules.

"I already have another show, 'Real Time,' on HBO, which is very much not about pot," Maher explained. "This podcast is different. It’s just shooting the breeze, and this is how I do it. The goal is to have as real a conversation as possible.

I don’t see anything we've discussed that I wouldn’t say off-camera."

Maher's Stance Explained

Maher clarified that he has no personal issues with Steve-O or the "Jackass" crew. "I watched all the movies. They are funny," he concluded.

During his "Club Random" podcast, Maher is often seen smoking marijuana. Steve-O initially expressed surprise and disappointment that Maher wouldn't refrain from smoking weed for one interview, especially since other podcast hosts have respected his sobriety.

“I’m a clean and sober guy. It’s very important that I maintain my sobriety, approaching 16 years,” Steve-O said on his podcast. “Nothing is more valuable to me than my sobriety. I was upset when Bill Maher’s podcast reached out, knowing he smokes pot the whole time.

I said I’d be happy to go on, but asked if he could refrain from smoking during my appearance out of respect for my sobriety. He said no, and that was a dealbreaker”. After Steve-O’s story gained traction on social media, some users noted that Maher has previously respected guests' boundaries regarding marijuana.

For example, during Sheryl Crow’s appearance on “Club Random,” Maher refrained from smoking, saying, “That’s when I need a joint… but I’d never light one up in front of you”. Maher’s full “Club Random” interview with Tony Hawk will be available on May 20.