Piers Morgan Criticizes Claims of Knowing Richard Gadd's 'Baby Reindeer' Abuser

Netflix's Baby Reindeer stirs controversy and industry debate

by Zain ul Abedin
Piers Morgan Criticizes Claims of Knowing Richard Gadd's 'Baby Reindeer' Abuser
© Hollie Adams/Getty Images

In a recent interview, Piers Morgan voiced his frustration with “high-profile people in the business” who claim to know the identity of Richard Gadd’s abuser, as depicted in the Netflix series Baby Reindeer.

This controversial series has sparked widespread speculation and a guessing game among viewers, with many trying to unmask Gadd’s female stalker and the comedy producer, portrayed in episode four, who s-xually assaulted him.

One director has even taken legal action against those accusing him of being "the real Darrien," a character played by Tom Goodman-Hill. Several industry insiders, including Rest is Entertainment host Richard Osman, have stated they know the real abuser’s identity, asserting that Gadd has been open about it within the industry.

Morgan, however, expressed his disbelief and criticized these claims. “If you know who the abuser is, why aren’t you informing the authorities or their employers?” Morgan questioned during the BBC’s Media Show.

Morgan Demands Accountability

This interview came on the heels of Morgan’s explosive conversation with Fiona Harvey, who is reportedly the real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer. Harvey is currently preparing a legal case against Netflix.

Morgan emphasized the need for accountability among those claiming to know the abuser’s identity, urging them to take action rather than just talk about it. He stated, “If there is a rapist in our business and they know who it is but aren’t giving any information, then that surely should raise some serious questions about them”.

Morgan also addressed accusations that his Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube show had exploited Harvey by booking her as a guest. He assured that Harvey was offered support both before and after the interview and refuted claims of her having mental health issues.

Earlier this week, Morgan criticized Netflix for allegedly failing to protect Harvey, who has since criticized TalkTV for inadequate compensation for the interview. Baby Reindeer continues to top Netflix charts and was a major talking point at the recent BAFTA TV Awards.

In light of the ongoing controversy, Scottish MP John Nicolson announced plans to write to Netflix for more information about their duty of care practices, questioning the accuracy of their statements to a parliamentary committee.

The UK government has also issued a warning to Netflix, signalling that the new Media Bill will impose higher standards on streaming services in the coming years.