Kevin Spacey Defends Himself in Rare Live TV Interview on 'Cuomo'

Kevin Spacey speaks out in rare, candid TV interview

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Spacey Defends Himself in Rare Live TV Interview on 'Cuomo'
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In a rare live TV interview on NewsNation’s Cuomo, Kevin Spacey addressed the latest accusations against him, marking his first live appearance in years. Speaking with host Chris Cuomo, Spacey expressed his desire to return to work and emphasized the lessons he has learned from his past experiences.

“I’m trying to show that I’ve listened. I’ve learned. I’ve got the memo,” Spacey stated. “I feel very strongly that whatever mistakes I’ve made in my life, I’ve paid a price for them”.

Recently, a two-part documentary titled Spacey Unmasked aired in the U.K. and is now streaming on Max. The documentary delves into Spacey’s alleged s-xual misconduct, including a claim that he groped another actor on the set of House of Cards.

Spacey firmly denies these new allegations of inappropriate behavior, which were brought forward by men featured in the documentary.

Spacey on MeToo Allegations

During the interview, Spacey discussed the impact of the MeToo movement, suggesting it had "swung far in the direction of unfairness." He highlighted the need for "honest journalism" to aid his redemption.

“I have to work very hard at rebuilding the trust that some may have lost in me. I have, in fact, listened. I am ready to move forward. I want to prove that I’m a man of great character. The responsibility for that is mine,” he said.

Spacey also maintained that he had never engaged in any illegal activities. Regarding the documentary’s allegations, Spacey shared on social media platform X that he had “repeatedly requested” more than seven days to respond to the accusations presented in Channel 4's documentary.

He criticized the broadcaster for refusing this request, arguing that a seven-day response window to new, anonymous, and nonspecific allegations was not a “fair opportunity” for him to defend himself. “Each time I have been given the time and a proper forum to defend myself, the allegations have failed under scrutiny and I have been exonerated,” Spacey added.

Major Hollywood figures such as Liam Neeson, Sharon Stone, and Stephen Fry supported Spacey unequivocally amid the resurfacing allegations featured in the new Channel 4 docuseries. Spacey Unmasked, directed by Katherine Haywood, examines claims from numerous men against Spacey, tracing incidents from the early days of his career up to his role as President Frank Underwood on Netflix’s House of Cards.

Despite facing numerous legal battles over s-xual misconduct allegations in recent years, Spacey has won most of the suits against him or seen them dismissed. The new wave of allegations continues to keep Spacey in the public eye as he strives to rebuild his reputation.

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