Jesse Watters Denies Donald Trump Slept in Court

Fox News' Jesse Watters defends Trump's courtroom behavior.

by Nouman Rasool
Jesse Watters Denies Donald Trump Slept in Court
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Fox News host Jesse Watters has fired back at the gossip insisting that Donald Trump has been repeatedly caught falling asleep during his ongoing, high-profile hush money trial in New York, learned. During a segment on The Five, Watters defended Trump, saying the former president was "meditating" when he closed his eyes in the courtroom.

"He's in a meditative state, and when you're defensive about something, you avoid something. Trump's not defensive of being old and tired. He can shut his eyes and not feel bad about it like Sleepy Joe," Watters said, referring to President Joe Biden, whom Trump often calls "Sleepy Joe." That argument is very much in line with Trump's comment on the subject.

Writing on his Truth Social platform, Trump said, "Contrary to the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, I don't fall asleep during the Crooked D.A.' s Witch Hunt, especially not today. I simply close my beautiful blue eyes, sometimes, listen intensely, and take it ALL in!!!"

Reporters Note Dozing

Nevertheless, a number of reporters filing from the trial have noted Donald Trump falling asleep, at least a few times, during the proceedings.

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times recounted on CNN, "He appeared to be asleep. He didn't pay attention to a note his lawyer passed him. His jaw kept falling on his chest, and his mouth kept going slack." Trump's campaign responded to the reports in an all-caps denial, calling the claims "100% Fake News coming from 'journalists' who weren't even in the courtroom." Campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said, "None of these sources know what they're talking about and clearly have no access to any type of factual information.

These are the types of losers who will try to peddle fantasy as fact because they live miserable existences." Many commentators have seen the humor in the allegations. At a private fundraiser last Friday, President Biden expressed his gratitude to his donors, "But please keep it down because Donald Trump is sleeping.

'Sleepy Don.' " There was no escaping it: Not even the president's niece, Mary Trump, a vociferous critic. "I'm a little sleepy. A little worried that narcolepsy runs in the family but hopefully not," she told SiriusXM's The Dean Obeidallah Show.

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