Kevin Costner Reveals 'Real Truth' About 'Yellowstone' Drama

Kevin Costner addresses ongoing controversies surrounding “Yellowstone” series

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Costner Reveals 'Real Truth' About 'Yellowstone' Drama
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Kevin Costner's future on the hit TV drama “Yellowstone” has been a contentious issue between the Paramount Network and the actor for over a year. Costner, who has portrayed John Dutton since the series debuted in 2018, recently shared his side of the story in an interview with Deadline published on May 13.

In the interview, Costner didn't hold back about the behind-the-scenes drama. “I don’t want to get down in the gutter with the ‘Yellowstone’ thing, but what I’m telling you is straight up,” he said.

“I have taken a beating from those guys and I know where it’s coming from. I just elected not to get into that. But if you know me well enough, I made ‘Yellowstone’ the first priority, and to insinuate anything else would be wrong.

I did not initiate any of those things. They did”. Promoting his upcoming film "Horizon: An American Saga", Costner explained that he had stayed silent about the “slings and arrows” over the past year and a half because he was busy with work.

However, he now feels ready to address the “Yellowstone” controversy. “I haven’t felt good about it the last year, with the way they’ve talked about it. It wasn’t truthful. So now I’m talking about what the real truth was,” he said.

Costner detailed that he had a contract for seasons five, six, and seven. After months of negotiations, the contract was altered to cover seasons 5A and 5B. He mentioned fitting his film work into the gaps of the “Yellowstone” schedule, but the timing kept changing.

Contract and Scripts Dispute

Costner stated he adhered to his contract but never filmed season 5B due to the lack of scripts, saying the public has only been “reading one version of this drama for a year and a half”.

He claimed, “I left my movie to be on time for them for 5B. I left exactly when they wanted, and it made it hard on me. It turns out they didn’t have the scripts for 5B”. Costner expressed frustration over the narrative that he only wanted to work a week for the second part of the fifth season, explaining, “I said, ‘Look, if you want to end this elegantly, the best I can do is give you a week.

And if you can figure out a storyline…’ I’m usually working six or seven days per episode. They took that and spun it into, well, he only wants to work a week for a whole season”. He criticized Paramount and others involved for not defending him in the media, saying, “They were silent, and that bothered me.

Why don’t you stick up for me? I took a beating over these guys not speaking up and allowing crazy stories to come out”. Despite his frustrations, Costner remains open to returning to the show. “If the writing is there, I will be too.

I didn’t do ‘Horizon’ to compete with ‘Yellowstone.’ This is something I’ve had a long time,” he said. Costner summarizes the situation as follows: “Paramount and 101 Studios mismanaged this.

They had me for five, six, and seven. I agreed to do it. And then they steadily began changing their format”.

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