Sharon Stone, Liam Neeson Back Kevin Spacey's Return

Hollywood A-listers rally for Kevin Spacey's industry comeback.

by Nouman Rasool
Sharon Stone, Liam Neeson Back Kevin Spacey's Return
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Several Hollywood stars, among them Sharon Stone and Liam Neeson, have come out in support of Kevin Spacey, calling for an end to what they consider years of unfair and malicious persecution of the actor. Their call comes against the backdrop of recent acquittals of Spacey in multiple courts dealing with him in and out of court cases on alleged s----- molestation in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Spacey, a double Oscar winner for *The Usual Suspects* and *American Beauty*, saw his career derailed by the accusations which surfaced in the wake of the MeToo movement, fuelled by the scandal of Harvey Weinstein. Courtroom wins, including a high-profile exoneration in a New York civil trial in which allegations made by actor Anthony Rapp were dismissed, have not given Spacey much room to get back in front of the camera.

The debate over whether Spacey should be allowed back on the screen flared up after a high-profile, highly controversial documentary on Channel 4, in which several public figures including Stephen Fry lambasted it for its disproportionate attack on the character of Spacey.

Fry even went as far as to defend Spacey, suggesting that although calling the actor Weinstein was clumsy and inappropriate, it was way over the top and thoroughly unfair. In an exclusive with The Telegraph, Spacey said he felt he was being hurried to judgment and wanted a more in-depth investigation of the claims against him.

He talked about his personal growth and the support that he's been getting through this ordeal, and how friendship and family have importance during trying times.

Spacey's Support Swells

The campaign on the rehabilitation of Spacey into the acting fraternity is getting crowded, with both endorsements from bigwigs in the industry.

Sharon Stone had very gracious words for Spacey, terming him as a "genius" in the acting profession, whereas Liam Neeson gave Spacey quite an endorsement speaking on his character and the many contributions he has given to the industry, following up by saying: "I miss him, we all lost when he was replaced, Nobody can.

Also voicing his support was Oscar-winning actor F. Murray Abraham, who, in a bold manner, defended Spacey and his right to reinstate his career, while also criticizing those who continue to go after him despite him having admitted to having made mistakes in the past.

Speaking up in support was former artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre Sir Trevor Nunn, who headed the Old Vic at the same time as Spacey and who himself said the actor deserved the opportunity to go back to the screen based on the juries' verdicts and the principles of law and forgiveness.

Continuing with the debate, Channel 4 has also resolved to stand by the documentary, reportedly saying it was rightfully discussing power structures and inappropriate behaviors at the workplace. Such actions will, from the network, give a voice to the previously silenced voices, hence ensuring the buildup of tension between the varying stances concerning the future and legacy of the actor in the industry.

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