Seth Meyers Critiques Trump Trial's Sole Achievement So Far

Late-night hosts poke fun at Trump's courtroom demeanor

by Zain ul Abedin
Seth Meyers Critiques Trump Trial's Sole Achievement So Far
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Donald Trump's napping inclination received another spotlight on "Late Night," as the former president seemed to doze off multiple times during Tuesday's court proceedings at his hush money trial. "Former President Trump appeared to fall asleep yesterday during Michael Cohen’s testimony for a full half-hour," said host Seth Meyers.

"You know, I was excited for this trial, but it seems like the only thing we’re accomplishing is making sure Trump is well-rested before the election." The trial has now entered its fifth week. Observers inside the courtroom have frequently reported that Trump often shuts his eyes and appears to be sleeping, which has sparked both amusement and criticism.

Trump, however, maintains that he is merely resting his "beautiful blue eyes" and absorbing the proceedings. This explanation has done little to quell the humorous remarks from various commentators.

Trump's Courtroom Behavior

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell weighed in on the situation during his Tuesday night broadcast, noting that, from his perspective, Trump had his eyes closed for about 90% of the day.

This observation has added to the growing narrative that Trump’s courtroom behavior has become a focal point of the trial. The trial, which delves into allegations surrounding hush money payments, has captivated public attention.

While the legal proceedings continue to unfold, Trump's alleged napping episodes have become an unexpected side story, drawing both laughter and scrutiny. Seth Meyers' lighthearted take on the situation underscores the blend of serious legal matters and the former president's unique courtroom conduct.

As the trial progresses, it remains to be seen how these moments will impact public perception and the overall proceedings. In the realm of late-night television, Meyers’ commentary reflects a broader cultural engagement with the trial, mixing humor with the gravity of the accusations.

The juxtaposition of Trump's alleged drowsiness with the trial’s significance creates a compelling narrative for viewers and commentators alike.