Al Roker Backs Kelly Clarkson Against Weight Loss Drug Criticism

Clarkson addresses weight loss journey and health challenges publicly

by Zain ul Abedin
Al Roker Backs Kelly Clarkson Against Weight Loss Drug Criticism
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Al Roker has stepped in to support Kelly Clarkson amid criticism over her recent revelation about weight loss medication. On Tuesday's episode of the "Today" show, Roker, 69, addressed the backlash Clarkson faced after discussing her medication use.

"There’s too much judgment going on," Roker commented, emphasizing the importance of respecting personal health choices. "People, as long as they’re working with their doctors and being healthy about it, people ought to just back off and let them live their lives." Roker, who has openly shared his struggles with obesity, reflected on the difficulties he faced after undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2002.

"Listen, I took a raft of stuff when I had bypass surgery. It’s not easy, whatever you do, so get off people’s backs," he said, defending Clarkson's decision.

Clarkson's Weight Loss Medication

Clarkson opened up about her weight loss journey on Monday's episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," revealing to guest Whoopi Goldberg that she had turned to medication after her "bloodwork got so bad." She explained her initial hesitation, stating, "My doctor chased me for two years, and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it.’ I already have thyroid problems.

Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic, but it’s not. It’s something else." Ozempic, a medication for Type 2 diabetes that helps lower blood sugar levels, has gained popularity for its off-label use for weight loss.

Celebrities like Amy Schumer and Sharon Osbourne have publicly acknowledged using it for weight management. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved Ozempic specifically for weight loss. However, similar medications have been approved for patients with weight control issues and related chronic conditions.

In addition to medication, Clarkson attributes her weight loss to an active lifestyle, especially after moving to New York City. Speaking to People magazine in January, she noted, "Walking in the city is quite the workout.

And I’m really into infrared saunas right now. And I just got a cold plunge because everybody wore me down." Roker's support highlights the ongoing debate over weight loss methods and the scrutiny faced by public figures sharing their personal health decisions.

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