Tim Roth Stars as Kissinger in Cannes-Bound Satire

Exploring an untold chapter of political and personal transformation.

by Nouman Rasool
Tim Roth Stars as Kissinger in Cannes-Bound Satire
© John Phillips/Getty Images

Tim Roth, acclaimed for roles in "The Hateful Eight" and "Sundown," is set to portray a younger, pre-Vietnam War Henry Kissinger in the upcoming satirical comedy "Kissinger Takes Paris." The film, directed by Jeff Stanzler from his own screenplay, explores an unconventional chapter in Kissinger's life, weaving historical events with sharp humor.

The production boasts a stellar cast including Robin Wright, Mary-Louise Parker, Lucy Hale, David Cross, Jimmy O. Yang, Rob Corddry, and Dylan Penn, with negotiations currently underway. Produced by Claude Dal Farra and Brian Keady of BCDF Pictures, alongside Stanzler, "Kissinger Takes Paris" draws parallels with political satires like "Don't Look Up" and "Wag the Dog." The plot centers around Kissinger's transformative trip to Paris in 1968 amid the student protests and the se-ual revolution.

As a middle-aged Harvard professor perceived as politically irrelevant, Kissinger finds himself at the Paris Peace Talks. This unexpected turn not only alters the trajectory of his career but also cements his status as an unlikely international s-x symbol upon his return to America.

Stanzler's Personal Insight

Stanzler shared his personal connection to the project, remarking, "As a young boy, I marveled at Dr. Kissinger, who seemed more approachable than Hollywood icons and yet was linked to numerous world-famous actresses and models.

I am excited to bring this zany portrayal of Paris in '68 to life with such a talented ensemble." Dal Farra praised the script as "savagely funny and historically significant," pointing out that this peculiar story has remained largely untold for over five decades.

With an ensemble that could be the most dynamic of the year, the production is poised to captivate audiences. Handling the financing and distribution for Concourse Media are Matthew Shreder and Grant Mohrman, known for recent titles like "The Ploughman" and "Chief of Station." The film's sales will commence at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, where it is expected to attract significant attention.

The representation of the cast underscores the project's high profile; Roth, Wright, and Parker are managed by CAA, with other cast members affiliated with notable agencies like UTA, WME, and Anonymous Content. As "Kissinger Takes Paris" prepares for its Cannes launch, the film industry is buzzing with anticipation for this unique blend of historical insight and satirical flair.