Gemma Atkinson's Relationship Ultimatum

Gemma Atkinson addresses fan queries during a candid Q&A.

by Nouman Rasool
Gemma Atkinson's Relationship Ultimatum
© Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram Q&A with her followers, Gemma Atkinson assured everyone how much her partner, Gorka Marquez, loves her two beloved dogs, Norman and Olly. The Q&A followed viewer concerns sparked by the couple's show, "Gemma and Gorka: Life Behind the Lens," where some interpreted Gorka's behavior toward the pets as less than affectionate.

Addressing the speculations, the former "Emmerdale" star and Hits Radio presenter made a heartfelt clarification. She posted a lovely snapshot with her dogs comfortably seated in the family car, talking of the unbreakable bond between her and the dogs.

The former Hollyoaks actress stated categorically that her relationship with Gorka could not have moved to the next level if he had not embraced the dogs as part of the family. "If he didn't like dogs I wouldn't be with him!

We come as a package, love me, love my dogs," she confirmed with a laugh, jokingly making it a bit more light-hearted with all the emojis.

Gorka Confirms Love for Dogs

Gorka, who knew this would be the perfect opportunity to set the rumors straight, took to Instagram to write about his love for dogs.

Posting Gemma's post on his own page, he humorously shared that he did love the dogs, although he might not love them as much as Gemma did, but his affection for the dogs was truly genuine. "YES!!! I love Norms and Olly but not as much as Gem does…" he admitted, adding a personal touch to the ongoing conversation about their family dynamics.

This just indicated not only the couple's fun way of interacting with their audience but also showed how much importance pets hold in Gemma's life, something certainly felt by many pet owners. Continually working out their relationship in public, Gemma and Gorka are practiced at turning something that could have been controversial into something fans love them even more for.