King Charles Commends Twin for Bravely Punching Crocodile to Save Sister

Twin's Valor Saves Sister in Terrifying Wildlife Encounter

by Zain ul Abedin
King Charles Commends Twin for Bravely Punching Crocodile to Save Sister
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In a stirring tribute to courage and sisterly love, King Charles recently bestowed the prestigious King’s Gallantry Medal upon Georgia Laurie, a 31-year-old woman from Berkshire, England. The honor recognizes her valor during a harrowing incident in June 2021, when she rescued her twin sister Melissa from the jaws of a crocodile during a volunteering vacation in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

The chilling event unfolded on June 6, as the Laurie sisters, accompanied by two brothers, were enjoying a guided river tour. While swimming, Melissa noticed the lurking danger and alerted the group. Tragically, as they scrambled for safety, a crocodile seized Melissa.

Initially dragged to safety herself, Georgia, upon realizing her sister’s peril, courageously dove back into the river. Speaking to the UK's The Times, Georgia recounted the terrifying moments: “I’m screaming out for Melissa.

‘Where are you?’ And there’s no response... And I was just thinking, ‘I can’t leave. How can I live with myself if I leave?’" Spurred by desperation, Georgia found Melissa floating unconscious, facedown in the water.

As she attempted to revive her, the crocodile struck again, gripping Melissa's ankle and pulling her back.

Heroic Crocodile Confrontation

In a bold and instinctive reaction, Georgia punched the crocodile repeatedly on the snout, a tactic believed to deter sharks, which allowed her to wrestle her sister from its grip.

"It started to death roll," Georgia described the horrifying moment to The Times. "I was knee deep in water by this time and was just punching the crocodile on the snout, hammering it with my fists while trying to hold onto Melissa and keep her up.

I drew such deep strength from somewhere, from her, from my love for Melissa and eventually the crocodile moved off”. Despite her heroic efforts, Georgia sustained injuries; the crocodile bit her hand, while Melissa suffered multiple severe bites and an open fracture.

Recalling her brush with death, Melissa shared with BBC Breakfast, “When I was bitten and dragged under water I thought, 'That's it I'm a goner' I was biting onto her shoulder to stay connected to her." The emotional and physical toll of the ordeal led both sisters to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

They have since become advocates for mental health, planning to participate in the Thames Marathon on August 11 in aid of PTSD UK, a charity supporting others with the condition. Georgia’s gallantry has not only earned her royal recognition but also brought her and Melissa closer.

Reflecting on the attack, Georgia told the BBC, "It's an honor, I was so shocked when I received the letter because I didn't see it coming, I didn't expect it”. She added, “What's made this story so incredible is Melissa's unwavering bravery throughout it all because she was so strong during it and I don't think I would be here without her, she really gave me the strength to keep fighting."

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