Jimmy Kimmel Wishes He'd Asked Wife Before Mother's Day Post

Jimmy Kimmel navigates family dynamics with humor and love

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel Wishes He'd Asked Wife Before Mother's Day Post
© Manny Carabel/Getty Images

In a heartfelt yet humour-laced Mother's Day celebration, comedian Jimmy Kimmel found himself navigating the tricky waters of social media and family dynamics. The 56-year-old talk show host initially took to Instagram to share what he thought was a charming family moment - his wife Molly, bedecked in reading glasses, sharing a cozy morning with their two young children, Jane, 9, and Billy, 7.

The caption affectionately noted, "Happy Mother’s Day to the lady in the glasses and every great Mom." However, the post didn't quite hit the mark with Molly, prompting Kimmel to swap the candid shot for a more glamorous one taken by famed photographer Mark Seliger.

Kimmel humorously acknowledged his misstep, writing, "So it turns out, one should check with his significant other before posting a photo of said other in bed with wet hair and wearing reading glasses…so now I have no choice but to employ the nuclear option: this photo of my beautiful, brilliant and glamorous wife." Beyond the jest, Kimmel expressed deep appreciation for Molly, celebrating "the zillion things you do," a sentiment that resonated with their family and fans alike.

Kimmel's Mother's Day Mishap

Jimmy Kimmel, also a father to adult children Katie, 32, and Kevin, 30, from his previous marriage, has blended humor and sincerity in his personal life, much like his professional one. Married since 2013 to Molly McNearney, the executive producer and co-head writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", the couple has continually showcased their partnership both on and off screen.

Further discussing the incident on "Live with Kelly and Mark," Kimmel shared more insights into the dynamics of his family's celebration. While in New York, away from their children in L.A., Kimmel aimed to make Mother's Day special by including their new dog, Todd, in the social media tribute.

Yet, the initial choice of photo and caption - "Happy Mother’s Day to the lady in the glasses and every great mom" - unexpectedly struck a chord with Molly, leading to a swift and stylish correction. This episode not only highlighted Kimmel's comedic flair but also his candid openness about family life in the spotlight.

In previous discussions, including one with Ellen DeGeneres, he has humorously reflected on relearning parenting with young children and the unique challenges it brings. His conversations with outlets like PEOPLE and Vulture reveal a thoughtful approach to parenting in the public eye, emphasizing patience, confidence, and the delicate balance of not spoiling children despite a life of affluence.

As Kimmel navigates the complexities of public affection and private moments, his Mother's Day misadventure serves as a humorous yet endearing snapshot of celebrity family life, where even a well-intentioned Instagram post can lead to an unexpected lesson in family dynamics and digital diplomacy.