Ryan Reynolds' Kids Are Obsessed with the IF Movie Trailer

Ryan Reynolds shares insights on family life and "IF"

by Zain ul Abedin
Ryan Reynolds' Kids Are Obsessed with the IF Movie Trailer
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's children have not yet seen their father's latest film, "IF," but they are already captivated by the movie trailer. Despite not having watched the full movie before its premiere on Monday, May 13, the kids are hooked on the previews.

"They've seen the trailer, and they don't stop watching the trailer," Reynolds, 47, shared with PEOPLE on the red carpet at the SVA Theater in New York City. Reynolds explained that their children's fascination with the trailer has made mornings a bit challenging.

He often finds himself reminding them, "We're going to school right now. We're not watching the trailer. We're going to school," he said. Reynolds mentioned that the kids are "excited" to finally see the film. He noted that they "love the trailers" and have watched all the brief promotional spots available on YouTube.

"They're pretty obsessed with it," he added.

Reynolds humorously noted that his children "worship" his co-star, Cailey Fleming, and joked that she would be his top choice to babysit them among the cast.

Reynolds and Lively share daughters Ines, 7½, James, 9, and Betty, 4½, as well as a fourth child, born in February 2023, whose name has not been publicly disclosed.

Magical Plot Unveiled

According to the film's synopsis, "IF" tells the story of a girl, played by Fleming, who possesses the superpower to "see everyone's imaginary friends" and uses this ability to reconnect forgotten imaginary friends with their children.

The movie's first trailer features Reynolds tiptoeing across a child's bedroom toward a closet door as the words, “What if everything you believed as a kid was real?” appear on screen. A large, furry, purple imaginary friend, voiced by Steve Carell, emerges from the closet and greets Reynolds before unleashing a massive sneeze.

Carell's character then explains, “I’m an IF, get it? Imaginary friend”. This movie reunites Carell and John Krasinski, who starred together on the hit NBC sitcom "The Office" from 2005 until Carell’s departure in 2011.

While appearing on the Today show on Monday, Reynolds discussed whether his children with Lively, who also voices a character in "IF," have imaginary friends of their own. He shared that his daughter Betty has a vivid imagination and often imagines someone standing behind him, reminiscent of scenes from a horror movie.

"IF" is set to hit theaters on Friday, May 17, and fans of Reynolds and Lively are eagerly anticipating the film's release.

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