Dave Grohl Honors Late Steve Albini with Foo Fighters' 'My Hero' Dedication

Tributes pour in for Steve Albini's impactful musical legacy

by Zain ul Abedin
Dave Grohl Honors Late Steve Albini with Foo Fighters' 'My Hero' Dedication
© Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is mourning the loss of underground rock icon and producer Steve Albini, who passed away recently from a heart attack at age 61. Albini was renowned for his engineering work on Nirvana’s 1993 album "In Utero," a project that marked a significant collaboration between Grohl and Albini.

During the Foo Fighters' performance in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 9, Grohl dedicated the band’s hit song “My Hero” to Albini. “Tonight, I’d like to dedicate this song to a friend that we lost the other day, who I’ve known for a long, long time.

And he left us much too soon,” Grohl addressed the audience, as captured in a fan video posted on YouTube. “He’s touched all of your lives, I’m sure. Talking about Steve Albini. For those of you who know, you know.

For those of you who don’t know, just remember that name: Steve Albini. So let’s sing this one for him”. Grohl and Albini's relationship began with the production of "In Utero," Nirvana’s third and final album, where Grohl was the drummer.

Their professional bond continued when Foo Fighters recorded “Something from Nothing” at Albini’s Electrical Audio studio for Grohl’s 2014 HBO mini-docuseries "Sonic Highways."

Albini's Enduring Legacy

The two, along with Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, also appeared on the "Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend" podcast in 2023, reminiscing about the making of "In Utero." Albini shared his candid perspective on working with Nirvana, emphasizing his ethical stance against profiting excessively from their collaboration.

The music community has been paying tribute to Albini’s legacy. PJ Harvey, Thurston Moore, and others have expressed their condolences. Harvey reflected on how Albini significantly influenced her life and music. On X, she wrote, “Meeting Steve Albini and working with him changed the course of my life.

He taught me so much about music, and life. Steve was a great friend - wise, kind, and generous. I am so grateful. My thoughts are with him and his family and friends as we suffer his loss”. Comedian and musician Fred Armisen also paid homage to Albini, sharing fond memories on Instagram.

He posted a heartfelt message along with a photo of Albini and his wife, Heather Whinna. “I love Steve so much. We said it more often to each other in recent years. I’m so glad I got to tell him. He was so funny, all the time,” Armisen wrote, recounting a recent humorous text from Albini about his indifference towards cymbals.

“He was such a good friend to me, endlessly,” Armisen continued, “I admired his work ethic and his warmth. And his opinions on national flags. On everything. I always cherish getting to spend time with him and Heather.

This picture is from a few years ago, in Chicago. I’m really going to miss him. It’s a heavy loss”.