Hannah Gutierrez Reed Appeals for Release as Alec Baldwin's Trial Approaches

Tragedy Strikes on Film Set, Legal Battles Ensue.

by Nouman Rasool
Hannah Gutierrez Reed Appeals for Release as Alec Baldwin's Trial Approaches
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Jailed "Rust" movie set armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed is requesting release as she awaits her appeal. Court documents obtained by Fox News Digital uncovered her attorneys are appealing several issues surrounding jury instructions that were already raised in a post-conviction motion.

Jason Bowles, the lawyer for Gutierrez Reed, says he is calling for his client's immediate release. "If her appeal is successful, she will have served most or all of her sentence anyway, making a significant part of the appeal process moot," Bowles said.

He also argued that his client did not pose any threat to the community and was in no way a flight risk. The charge comes after the tragedy on the set of the "Rust" movie, in which the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, was fatally wounded.

The fatal incident happened when a gun held by actor Alec Baldwin discharged inadvertently in preparation for a scene.

Maximum Sentence Imposed

In a highly publicized trial, Gutierrez Reed was given 18 months—the longest term for involuntary manslaughter.

The ruling came after a long period of deliberation by a jury. "The court reached this verdict after thoroughly weighing the presented massive evidence and ruling by the law with impartiality," noted Judge Sommer at the time of the sentencing.

Judge Sommer also addressed problematic behavior by Gutierrez Reed, including her discussions during jailhouse calls that revealed her concerns about the impact of the case on her modeling career. "What occurred was a grave violent act, borne out of recklessness with a foreseeable risk of serious harm," Sommer explained.

Defense attorneys argued that Gutierrez Reed deserved leniency due to her lack of prior criminal history, her young age, and certain personal character traits. Nonetheless, the seriousness of the incident, where a routine safety protocol lapse turned a film prop into a lethal weapon, overshadowed these factors.

As Gutierrez Reed's legal battle continues, Alec Baldwin is also gearing up for his own trial related to the same incident. Baldwin, slated for a court appearance in July, faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. Jury selection is set for July 9, with the proceedings expected to conclude by July 19.

Baldwin's defense has already motioned for dismissal of the charges, with a virtual hearing on the matter scheduled for May 17. This dual legal drama unfolds as the film industry and the public alike scrutinize safety protocols on sets, underlining the critical importance of adherence to strict guidelines to prevent future tragedies.

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