Kevin Costner Opens Up About 'Yellowstone' Dispute and Future Plans

Kevin Costner discusses challenges on the 'Yellowstone' set.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Costner Opens Up About 'Yellowstone' Dispute and Future Plans
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The TV series "Yellowstone" is one of the most popular shows in America. Over the last year, there has been a little drama going on around the show that has resulted in a great hiatus. The root of the problem seems to be a reported standoff between the star of the show, Kevin Costner, and the series' creator, Taylor Sheridan.

The show was left at the. Rumors swirled that the stoppage was due to a feud between Costner and Sheridan, further exacerbated by contractual disputes with Paramount Network. In a candid interview with Deadline, Costner expressed his feelings of betrayal by the production team.

"I have taken a beating from those guys. I prioritized 'Yellowstone' above all else, and the insinuation that I did otherwise is simply incorrect," Costner stated, clearly frustrated with the narrative that had been presented publicly.

Contractual Shifts Unveiled

The contention appears to have centered around scheduling conflicts and contract revisions. Initially committed to continuing through seasons five, six, and seven, Costner found himself entangled in negotiations that changed the structure to seasons 5A and 5B, with the future of subsequent seasons left uncertain.

This renegotiation coincided with Costner’s commitment to his new film franchise, "Horizon," which he had been balancing alongside his work on "Yellowstone." Costner also revealed the operational challenges on the set, exacerbated by Sheridan's heavy workload across multiple projects at Paramount.

This workload, according to Costner, contributed to delays in scriptwriting which ultimately impacted the production schedule of "Yellowstone." The actor shared his frustration about the lack of communication from Paramount when production was halted for over a year, a period during which he was left without work and felt compelled to protect his career interests.

Despite the tumultuous period, Costner remains open to returning to "Yellowstone" if the conditions are right. "If the writing is there, I will be there too," he affirmed. He debunked rumors that he was weary of his role in "Yellowstone" influencing his decision to focus on "Horizon." As "Yellowstone" fans eagerly await the resolution of this off-screen drama, Paramount has promised to conclude the series with or without Costner by November 2024.

This will come before the debut of an upcoming sequel or spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey. Reports indicate McConaughey's official involvement is still unconfirmed. In the meantime, the latest Costner reveals also point to the disputes behind the scenes and his own firm resolve in following a career in acting.

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