Seth Meyers Roasts Peacock, Paramount, and Linda Yaccarino at NBCUniversal Upfront

Seth Meyers delivers sharp wit at industry event.

by Nouman Rasool
Seth Meyers Roasts Peacock, Paramount, and Linda Yaccarino at NBCUniversal Upfront
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Late Night host Seth Meyers lit up the stage at Radio City Music Hall during NBCUniversal's upfront presentation, marking a vibrant return after last year's hiatus due to the Writers Guild strike. With his sharp wit, Meyers took jabs at industry giants and his own network, making no exceptions as he entertained and provoked the audience of industry professionals.

Meyers opened with a pointed remark about NBC's digital streaming service, Peacock, humorously noting, "Peacock continues to prove that the easiest way to make a billion dollars is to spend eight." His quip highlighted the challenges and expenditures streaming platforms face as they vie for dominance in the competitive entertainment market.

Meyers Targets Fox News

The comedian also poked fun at competing network Fox News, directing attendees to a different location tied to recent newsworthy events, "Hello and welcome to the NBC upfronts, if you’re looking for the Fox News upfront, that’s happening outside a lower Manhattan courthouse." His joke referencing high-profile legal dramas underscored the intersection of media and current events, drawing laughter and perhaps a few nods of agreement from the crowd.

Further delving into the world of advertising, Meyers commented on the inevitable return of traditional advertising methods, despite earlier predictions of their demise by streaming services. He sarcastically recounted, “Good time to be me.

Let’s be honest, it’s a great time to be you. It must feel so gratifying that eventually everyone comes back to advertising." Addressing first-time attendees, Meyers lightened the mood with a scenario involving a fictional newcomer, Sheila, navigating the unfamiliar and overwhelming environment of upfront presentations.

His description of the event's purpose, "the upfronts are where we sell ads for NBC’s amazing lineup of shows," was both informative and humorous, particularly when he noted his own show's late-night slot and its unconventional 'outback' ad-selling approach.

NBC's lineup drew further commentary, with Meyers joking about the longevity of shows like "Law and Order SVU," which is entering its 25th season. He quipped about the early criminals of the series now being eligible for parole, blending humor with a nod to the show's enduring popularity.

Meyers didn't miss a beat discussing other network offerings and personalities, including a tongue-in-cheek reference to a new adventure competition series, wryly suggesting it could be titled "The Linda Yaccarino Story," after NBCUniversal's prominent executive.