Update on Rageh Omaar's Health

ITV's Rageh Omaar is recuperating after a recent health scare.

by Nouman Rasool
Update on Rageh Omaar's Health
© Jo Hale/Getty Images

It is more than two weeks since he had that frightening health scare live on air, but ITV News presenter Rageh Omaar is said to be well on the road to recovery. The veteran reporter, who worked as International Affairs Editor and Deputy Newscaster of ITV's News at Ten, stunned viewers when he experienced severe difficulty trying to announce news that led to him being rushed urgently for medical attention last month.

She said: "Colleague Charlene White last night revealed at the Bafta TV Awards that he was recovering well. 'Rageh is doing really well,' said White. She said Omaar will talk about the attack when he is ready. 'ITV News is a family.

We have been continually ensuring he has all the support he needs,' she added.

Omaar's Steady Recovery

After the report, Omaar was rushed to the hospital where he got the required medical attention. He is now recovering at home with his family.

An ITV News spokesperson appreciated the concern of the audience. "We appreciate the concern shown by viewers. Rageh is now recovering at home and we are all looking forward to having him back on screen as soon as he's ready," said the spokesperson.

Despite his health scare, Omaar was determined to finish the broadcast - a decision that reportedly led to some viewer complaints. A source from ITV News had reportedly told The Mail on Sunday: "The production team tried to replace him once they had identified that there was a problem, but Omaar refused.

'He refused to move from his chair,' explained the source". In a statement, Omaar thanked his supporters and the ITV News team for its support. "I am grateful for the kindness and good wishes I have received," he said, also lauding the medical staff who attended to him.

Omaar's career lies embedded in the core of global key events; he has exhaustively covered the same over the years. From his first burst of fame during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, working as senior foreign correspondent for the BBC, to his move to ITV News a decade later, he brought deep knowledge of world affairs.

As Omaar recovers more and more, the television community and his public alike look forward to his eventual return to the news desk and to once again being a leading voice in journalism.