Fox Greenlights Denis Leary's 'Going Dutch' Comedy Series

Denis Leary returns with a fresh, comedic military series

by Zain ul Abedin
Fox Greenlights Denis Leary's 'Going Dutch' Comedy Series
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Fox Entertainment has officially announced a fresh addition to its comedy lineup with the new series "Going Dutch," starring the critically acclaimed Denis Leary. Created and showrun by Joel Church-Cooper, known for his work on "Brockmire," this single-camera comedy marks a unique venture as it features an ensemble of talents both in front of and behind the camera.

"Going Dutch" centers around Denis Leary's character, a boisterous and outspoken U.S. Army Colonel. Known for his unapologetically brash demeanor, the Colonel finds himself reassigned to the Netherlands after a particularly controversial tirade goes viral.

Instead of a battlefield, he takes command of what is jokingly referred to as the world's least significant army base - devoid of weaponry and strategic importance. This peculiar military base is unlike any other, boasting amenities such as a Michelin-star level commissary, a state-of-the-art bowling alley, and the army's best and only fromagerie.

Here, Leary's character is challenged to instill discipline among a quirky crew of underdogs while collaborating with the base’s former interim leader, who is also his estranged daughter.

Going Dutch: Production Insights

The series promises a humorous yet poignant look at military life, where familial ties and personal redemption play central roles.

Michael Thorn, President of FOX Television Network, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "Going Dutch captures Denis’s comic genius and in-your-face storytelling style. It’s the perfect comedy companion to our hit 'Animal Control,' combining humor with a heartfelt salute to those in uniform." Denis Leary, alongside his son Jack Leary under their Amoeba production banner, serves as executive producer.

The two have previously collaborated on projects such as "S-x&Drugs&Rock&Roll." With casting still underway, the anticipation builds as the audience awaits further announcements about who will join Leary in this compelling new series.

Leary's involvement with Fox is not new, having starred in "The Moody's" and the well-regarded "Rescue Me," which earned him multiple Emmy nominations. His ability to bring complex characters to life with humor and depth makes "Going Dutch" a highly anticipated addition to Fox's comedic repertoire.

"Going Dutch" will be produced by FOX Entertainment Studios and distributed globally by Fox Entertainment. As production gears up, the series is poised to offer a fresh and entertaining take on the classic workplace comedy set against an unconventional military backdrop.