Travis Kelce Shines with a Smile in Latest 'Grotesquerie' Set Photo

NFL star Travis Kelce ventures into horror TV series

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Shines with a Smile in Latest 'Grotesquerie' Set Photo
© JC Olivera/Getty Images

Travis Kelce, renowned NFL star, is making waves off the field as he dives into the eerie and enthralling world of Ryan Murphy's latest horror series, "Grotesquerie." On the bustling set, Kelce's vibrant spirit and infectious smile were captured in a recent snapshot shared by wine merchant Andrew Major on Instagram this past Saturday, May 11.

The photo features Kelce, beaming widely, alongside Major in a parking lot, spaghetti plate in hand - a whimsical nod to their on-set meal. This glimpse into the behind-the-scenes camaraderie came just a day after Kelce was seen in a lively restaurant scene with co-star Niecy Nash-Betts, further highlighting the dynamic set life of Murphy's new project.

In the footage shared, Nash-Betts humorously inquires about Kelce’s meatball consumption, to which he jovially responds, hinting at the light-hearted atmosphere among the cast. The chemistry between Kelce and Nash-Betts extends beyond scripted scenes, as evidenced by an impromptu dance-off among the crew, captured in a vibrant Instagram Reel.

The footage showcases the crew's dance moves, with Nash-Betts channeling Lil Kim before challenging Kelce to match her. The duo’s laughter and playful interaction underscore a spirited bond that transcends their roles, illustrating the close-knit nature of the production team.

Kelce's Spirited Set Debut

Nash-Betts shared her excitement and the dual nature of their workday on Instagram, stating, "Don’t be fooled by the video…. We are working hard for @ryanmurphyproductions. In between shots is another story ?." Kelce’s enthusiastic response in the comments echoed this sentiment, projecting his anticipation for the show’s debut.

Kelce's transition from the football field to the filming set has been seamless and spirited, marked by his first appearance on the set on May 8. A source close to the production confirmed to PEOPLE that Kelce has officially joined the cast of this much-anticipated FX series, promising fans an intriguing blend of horror and drama with a star-studded ensemble.

As "Grotesquerie" prepares for its fall premiere, the inclusion of talents like Kelce and Nash-Betts not only enriches the narrative but also brings a fresh, engaging dynamic to Murphy’s renowned storytelling palette.

Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to a series that not only aims to chill but also charms with its behind-the-scenes warmth and wit.

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