Vladimir Putin's Russian Spies Allegedly Enlist UK Far-Right for Terror Acts

UK takes strong action against Russian espionage threats

by Zain ul Abedin
Vladimir Putin's Russian Spies Allegedly Enlist UK Far-Right for Terror Acts
© Etienne Oliveau/Getty Images

Amidst growing tensions between Russia and Western nations, a startling revelation has surfaced regarding the Kremlin's covert operations in the United Kingdom. According to a report by The Sun, Russian intelligence, backed by the notorious Wagner mercenary group, is actively recruiting far-right extremists in the UK to execute terror attacks across Western Europe.

This alarming strategy follows the unsettling incident where a Ukrainian aid center in London was set ablaze by these mercenary spies. The involvement of Russia’s GRU intelligence and Wagner, known for their audacious albeit brief coup attempt in Moscow last year, highlights a sinister pattern of targeting NATO countries.

An anonymous intelligence source disclosed to National Security News that the GRU is orchestrating a network of right-wing terrorists aimed at destabilizing NATO regions. "These attacks are not isolated incidents but a part of a continuing hostile agenda against NATO allies, with the UK prominently in the crosshairs," the source explained.

The recent expulsion of Colonel Elovik Maxim, a Russian defense attaché unveiled as a spy, underscores the UK’s escalating countermeasures against Russian espionage. Following the notorious Salisbury poisonings in 2018, Britain had already expelled numerous Russian intelligence operatives, signaling a hardened stance against Russian malign activities.

UK Heightens Security Measures

The recruitment of far-right groups is particularly troubling due to their violent tendencies and pro-Russian sentiments. "Intelligence agencies are now actively alerting governments about the palpable threat posed by these extremists, who often maintain covert international links," added the insider.

While the UK government has not officially confirmed the specifics of these espionage activities, it acknowledges the broad spectrum of threats emanating from Russia. A government spokesperson emphasized the recent stringent measures taken to fortify national security.

“In response to the ongoing threats, we have expelled the Russian Defence Attaché and revoked the diplomatic status of several Russian premises, integrating these actions into our most severe bilateral response since the Salisbury incident," the spokesperson stated.

This robust defensive strategy is part of a global initiative, with the UK aligning with the US and Australia to sanction influential figures within Russia’s cybercrime networks. This includes a senior leader from LockBit, a notorious cybercrime gang, highlighting a comprehensive approach to countering Russian threats in both physical and cyber realms.

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