Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s 'Brain Worm' Channels Marilyn Monroe on 'SNL' Over Candidate

SNL Skewers Conspiracy Theories with Surreal Comedy Act.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s 'Brain Worm' Channels Marilyn Monroe on 'SNL' Over Candidate
© Mario Tama/Getty Images

"Saturday Night Live" took a wild turn this weekend as cast member Sarah Sherman transformed into a 'brain worm' to deliver a bizarre yet captivating performance focused on independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In a memorable "Weekend Update" segment, Sherman, adorned with a pin and flag bearing RFK Jr.' s name, channeled the iconic Marilyn Monroe, adding a surreal twist to the satire. This skit drew inspiration from a startling revelation covered by The New York Times, which detailed Kennedy’s past struggles with memory loss and mental fog.

According to a divorce deposition from 2010, these symptoms were attributed to a parasitic worm that had invaded his brain, causing significant damage before its demise. The bizarre medical anomaly set the stage for Sherman’s outrageous antics.

Parasitic Paradise Skit

Sherman, embodying the persona of the brain worm, proclaimed RFK Jr.' s body a "worm’s paradise," boasting about the absence of vaccines and a host of other parasites that made themselves at home.

Her act was punctuated with nods to various parasites, including a humorous mention of "that fish that swims up your pee stream," and a playful shout-out to Tom Sandoval, cheekily referred to as a "worm with a mustache" in a nod to the "Vanderpump Rules" star.

The comedy escalated as Sherman took a jab at Kevin Spacey, who recently endorsed Kennedy. She quipped that she consumed the part of Kennedy's brain that "understood the word no," a dark twist linking back to the se-ual misconduct accusations surrounding Spacey.

Capping off her performance, Sherman, still in character as the brain worm, mimicked Monroe's breathy voice.

She whimsically invited Kennedy to an imaginative rendezvous atop the Empire State Building, promising a spectacle clad in a Monroe-style dress while crooning "Happy worm brain, Mr. Future President." This segment of SNL not only showcased the show's hallmark irreverence but also highlighted how political satire remains a powerful element of its comedic arsenal.

As viewers tuned in, they were treated to a fusion of comedy, controversy, and unexpected historical references, making for an unforgettable sketch that was as provocative as it was hilarious. This episode once again proves that when it comes to political figures, no topic is too sacred for SNL's sharp wit.

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