Marc Summers Claims He Launched Guy Fieri's Career Amid Initial Disinterest

Exploring the deep bond between two culinary giants

by Zain ul Abedin
Marc Summers Claims He Launched Guy Fieri's Career Amid Initial Disinterest
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Marc Summers, widely recognized for his engaging stint as the host of Nickelodeon's 'Double Dare' during the eighties, has played a pivotal role in shaping the culinary landscape beyond children's television. With over two decades at Food Network, Summers not only hosted hit shows like 'Unwrapped' and 'Ultimate Recipe Showdown,' but he also had a hand in launching the career of none other than Guy Fieri, the spirited chef now synonymous with Flavortown.

The moment of serendipity occurred back in 2006, during the finale of 'Next Food Network Star,' which Summers was hosting. It was here that Fieri, a fresh face in the culinary world, clinched the title. Recalling the pivotal moment, Summers shared with PEOPLE, "I pulled him aside after he won and told him, 'Okay, your life is going to change.'

I even questioned if he had an agent yet." Realizing Fieri was unrepresented, Summers took it upon himself to steer the budding chef's nascent career. "He came to LA, and I drove him around to a bunch of different agents," Summers recounted.

His efforts paid off, and Fieri soon secured his first agent, thanks to Summers' connections.

Enduring Friendship and Support

Beyond the professional guidance, Summers highlighted the profound personal connection and mutual respect between the two.

Describing Fieri's generous nature, Summers explained, "Guy's the kind of person who wouldn't just give you the shirt off his back—he'd give you the skin off his back." He shared anecdotes of their enduring friendship, emphasizing how Fieri would go out of his way to assist him, whether it was picking him up when stranded or including him in various projects.

Currently, Fieri is supporting Summers in a new creative endeavor, serving as a producer for Summers' Off-Broadway, one-man show, 'The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers,' which runs until June 2. Their collaboration extends beyond the entertainment industry into philanthropy.

Recently, Fieri enlisted Summers to emcee a fundraiser aiding those affected by the Maui fires, highlighting his commitment to community support. Summers fondly remarked on Fieri's altruistic spirit, saying, "He's always raising money for somebody in need, primarily within the food community, but also for the folks in Maui—a place we both cherish.

He always thinks about what he can do for others, which truly defines him as a person." Their friendship and professional synergy illustrate a dynamic duo in the food and entertainment industries, rooted in shared values and mutual support.