Blake Shelton Pays $40K for Film Role, Jokes 'I'm a Movie Star Now'

Gwen Stefani Celebrates Blake Shelton's Charitable Spirit at Gala

by Zain ul Abedin
Blake Shelton Pays $40K for Film Role, Jokes 'I'm a Movie Star Now'
© Jason Davis/Getty Images

Country music icon Blake Shelton might soon add a new title to his resume: movie star. At the 27th Annual Power of Love Gala in Las Vegas on May 10, the "God's Country" singer made headlines by placing a hefty $40,000 bid for a walk-on role in an upcoming Mark Wahlberg film.

The gala, organized by Keep Memory Alive, not only showcased Shelton's generosity but also honored him for his extensive philanthropic efforts. Amidst the glittering crowd, Shelton's auction win was a highlight, humorously hinting at a potential shift in his career trajectory.

"I don’t know if you guys caught the auction earlier, but this might be the last time I ever sing country music," Shelton joked with the audience during his performance. "I’m a movie star now, and I’m not fooling around." Despite his playful claim, Shelton remained true to his musical roots throughout the evening.

He entertained the audience with performances of fan favorites like "Sweet Caroline," "Ole Red," and "Sangria." The event took a charming turn when Shelton invited his wife, Gwen Stefani, to join him onstage for a duet of "Nobody But You."

Gwen Praises Blake

Stefani, who had earlier introduced Shelton to the crowd with heartfelt praises, was a vision of support and love.

"His heart is as big as his voice," she declared. "Whether he’s championing veterans, children’s hospitals, or wildlife conservation, Blake’s dedication to giving back is both genuine and boundless." The couple's chemistry was palpable as Stefani, affectionately introduced first as Gwen Stefani and then corrected to Gwen Shelton, shared the stage with her husband.

The affection between them was evident, adding a personal touch to an evening dedicated to philanthropy and love. Earlier in the night, Shelton shared his plans for Mother's Day, revealing that he happily steps back to let Stefani's sons from her previous marriage with Gavin Rossdale take the lead in celebrating their mom.

"They do an incredible job spoiling her," Shelton admitted, praising the boys' thoughtfulness in planning a special breakfast for Stefani. Shelton's humorous declaration about becoming a movie star may have been in jest. Still, his actions at the gala - both through his financial contribution and his energetic performance - reaffirmed his star power in more ways than one.

As he continues to support vital causes and explore new ventures, Blake Shelton remains a beloved figure whose impact transcends the boundaries of music and enters the realms of cinema and charity.