Travis Kelce Inspired by Niecy Nash-Betts for New On-Field Moves

Exploring behind-the-scenes fun on Ryan Murphy's latest set

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Inspired by Niecy Nash-Betts for New On-Field Moves
© Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Niecy Nash-Betts, the Emmy-winning actress, has taken her vibrant energy to the set of Ryan Murphy's upcoming FX series, "Grotesquerie," where she's not just acting but also sharing some lively dance moves. In a recent Instagram Reel posted on May 10, Nash-Betts displayed a variety of dance steps, potentially inspiring NFL star Travis Kelce to bring a bit of rhythm to his on-field performances.

The Instagram video features a montage of the Grotesquerie crew engaging in an impromptu dance-off, each member showcasing their best moves in front of a delighted Kelce. The highlight was Nash-Betts' own rendition of Lil Kim's iconic dance, which she performed with infectious enthusiasm.

Turning the camera to Kelce, she inquired about his favorite move from the dance sequence. After a moment of laughter and contemplation, Kelce expressed his amusement and hinted at incorporating the 'Lil Kim' move into his football antics, saying, "I might have to hit the Lil Kim."

Kelce's Playful Promise

The post was accompanied by a lighthearted caption from Nash-Betts, asserting their dedication to the production despite the fun on set, "Don’t be fooled by the video….

We are working hard for @ryanmurphyproductions. In between shots is another story ?. @killatrav our crew has got your back!???. #SetLife ? #Grotesquerie #ComingSoon #LilKim." Further showcasing their camaraderie, Kelce responded in the comments, playfully confirming his plans to adopt the dance into his sports routine: "??? Im goin to be showing out this year!!

????." Additionally, Nash-Betts provided a glimpse into Kelce's dedication to his role during a behind-the-scenes clip from a restaurant scene they were filming. She teased Kelce about the number of meatballs he had eaten during the takes, to which he cheerfully admitted to having consumed about ten.

This playful interaction on set was just a part of their ongoing engagement, as earlier posts from Nash-Betts' Instagram Stories highlighted more of their set antics, including late-night shenanigans and a warm hug between Kelce and Murphy.

The latter expressed relief at not having caused any mishaps. As Kelce takes on this new challenge in his expanding television career, fans can expect to see a blend of his athletic prowess and newfound entertainment flair, possibly even some dance moves on the football field, as teased during his lively exchange with Nash-Betts on the set of "Grotesquerie."

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