Ryan Gosling Unveils Deep Secrets on The Colbert Questionnaire

Ryan Gosling shares memorable celebrity encounters on late-night TV.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Gosling Unveils Deep Secrets on The Colbert Questionnaire
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On a captivating Thursday night on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Ryan Gosling delved into the less traversed corridors of his past, sharing revelations that brought both humor and a rare glimpse into his personal life.

The celebrated actor, known for his roles that often leave a lasting impression, took part in what Colbert terms "The Colbert Questionnaire," a segment designed to unearth the deeper, often undisclosed thoughts of his guests.

Amidst a series of introspective and light-hearted inquiries, one question stood out: Had Ryan Gosling ever sought an autograph from someone else? The answer not only reflected a moment of youthful admiration but also highlighted a pivotal, albeit somewhat disheartening, encounter with a childhood hero.

“The first person I asked was The Ultimate Warrior, and he said no,” Gosling shared, referencing the iconic professional wrestler. This candid admission revealed a rare rejection faced by the star, whose cinematic charm has seldom seen a 'no.'

Meeting Angela Bassett

However, not all early experiences with his idols were tinged with rejection. Gosling vividly recalled the first affirmative response he received, which came from none other than Angela Bassett. “It was one of the best performances I’d ever seen, and still is,” he remarked, reminiscing about the time he approached Bassett while she was in conversation with actor and comedian Sinbad.

The circumstances of their meeting might remain a bit murky to Gosling—whether Bassett and Sinbad were together or simply crossing paths is unclear—but the impact of the moment is crystal clear and still cherished by Gosling.

This segment on Colbert's show not only offered entertainment but also allowed fans to see a side of Ryan Gosling that is seldom highlighted in the glamorous reels of Hollywood: a fan himself, once a young boy reaching out to the figures he admired, now a renowned figure sharing his journey.

It’s a relatable circle that resonates with many, reminding us that beneath the veneer of stardom, the stars we admire often harbor their own heroes and moments of humble beginnings. Catch the full video of Ryan Gosling’s engaging segment on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to uncover more about his intriguing anecdotes and the personalities that have shaped his journey from a fan to a cinematic icon.

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