King Charles' Harsh Snub Signals Harry as 'Unwelcome' in U.K., Insiders Claim

Prince Harry celebrates Invictus Games' decade amid King Charles Harsh Welcome.

by Nouman Rasool
King Charles' Harsh Snub Signals Harry as 'Unwelcome' in U.K., Insiders Claim
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In a week that many hoped would bridge divides, the British royal family's internal conflict has instead flared up dramatically. King Charles' deliberate avoidance of Prince Harry during a series of public events this week has spoken volumes, signaling a deep-seated rift within the monarchy.

Sources close to the royal family told The Daily Beast that King Charles explicitly chose not to meet with Prince Harry, nor did he send any royal representatives to Harry's Invictus Games event at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The absence of any royal acknowledgment, whether through a personal appearance or even a social media gesture, was pointedly felt. This treatment underscores a clear message: Prince Harry is viewed as an unwelcome distraction from the royal family's unified front.

The King’s non-engagement strategy was evident as he, along with all senior royals except Prince William and Kate Middleton, attended a simultaneous garden party at Buckingham Palace, leaving Harry to navigate his engagements without familial support.

Harry's Solitary Support

Despite the cold shoulder from the family, Harry found warmth in the enthusiastic cheers from supporters outside the cathedral and the presence of his uncle, Charles Spencer, and aunt, Lady Jane Fellowes.

His isolation was palpable as he attended the special service alone, marking the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games—an initiative he founded while still an active royal. The week also saw Harry making a public plea for familial engagement, lamenting his father’s unavailability.

This was swiftly followed by an announcement that Prince William would assume Harry’s previous military role in a joint engagement with the King, further isolating Harry. A former royal aide revealed that even minimal efforts, such as a congratulatory note for the Invictus Games, were deliberately withheld to discourage Harry from maintaining a presence in the U.K.

This aligns with a broader strategy to not endorse any activities that might be seen as rivalrous to King Charles' agenda. Tensions escalated when Harry released a statement criticizing his father's priorities, which was quickly branded as immature and disrespectful by royal insiders.

This sentiment was echoed by friends of the royal family, who expressed deep mistrust towards Harry, highlighting a persistent divide that seems only to have deepened with time. Furthermore, friends of King Charles and Queen Camilla have voiced that forgiveness remains elusive, especially concerning Harry’s harsh criticisms of Camilla, whom he has previously labeled as manipulative and self-serving in his memoir and interviews.

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