Lorraine Kelly: Unstoppable at BAFTA

Celebrating four decades of Lorraine Kelly on television.

by Nouman Rasool
Lorraine Kelly: Unstoppable at BAFTA
© Steve Parsons/Getty Images

Lorraine Kelly is to be honoured with a Special Award at this Sunday's TV BAFTAs, celebrating a huge 40-year career since starting on TV-AM in 1984. The 64-year-old host, who has become so synonymous with ITV, spills on how she's managed to keep it going with the same zeal.

"I don't think I would ever retire," she said in a recent interview with the Mirror. She's inspired by the likes of Jane Goodall and David Attenborough, both of whom work very hard because of the sheer love for what they do and who, at their respective ages, seem indefatigable.

"They still work really hard because they love what they do. They still have a curiosity and they want to learn things," Kelly added, focusing on her continued zeal toward journalism and discovery. Throughout her career, Kelly found herself at the epicenter of major global events: from reporting on the 1988 Lockerbie air disaster to the recent coronation of the King.

Her ascendancy from a trainee reporter at the East Kilbride News to the head of broadcasting epitomizes her commitment to the craft.

Lorraine Kelly: Broadcasting Icon

Kelly's personal life is equally ripe with joyous anticipation as she reveals, "I'm going to be a grandma in August.

It will be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to our family in a long time." She reluctantly admits in a burst of humor that she is going to try not to be "too much of a nuisance" to her expecting daughter Rosie.

Since 2010, Kelly has fronted her own show on ITV, appropriately seizing and holding the viewer's interest. "It's a transient business," she said of the television industry, "it is changing all the time, very suddenly sometimes, but I'm fine about that.

"There will come a stage one day, when they want to make a change and get someone else in," she acknowledged, asserting her intention to remain active in media through writing or radio. Lorraine Kelly is still a daily morning television staple, from Monday to Friday, at 9 a.m., in ITV and ITVX.

The event solidifies her recognition at the BAFTAs, informing how much of a revelation she had been on the airwaves and, therefore, the mettle that she has held and has shown despite the dauntingly saturated and challenging field it is.