Jon Stewart Slams 'Penis-to-Penis' Trump Trial Coverage as 'Numbing'

Stewart critiques media's approach to high-profile legal proceedings.

by Nouman Rasool
Jon Stewart Slams 'Penis-to-Penis' Trump Trial Coverage as 'Numbing'
© Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Jon Stewart, known for his sharp wit and incisive commentary, once again took the media to task for its extensive coverage of Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial during Thursday's episode of "The Daily Show." Stewart opened his monologue by highlighting the relentless, sensationalized media focus, describing it as “wall-to-wall, nonstop penis-to-penis coverage,” which he finds numbingly redundant.

The veteran comedian, who usually anchors the Monday night slot, made a special appearance on Thursday due to a prior commitment that saw him in Los Angeles the previous weekend. His return coincided with a significant week in the trial, marked notably by Stormy Danielstestimony against the former president.

This development added more fuel to the media frenzy, with countless headlines swirling around the proceedings. Stewart criticized the media’s approach, likening the constant broadcast to "televised wallpaper," where meaningful insight is rare, only occasionally breaking through the monotonous coverage.

He expressed concerns that this style of reporting serves more as a distraction than information, keeping the public engaged with sensational details rather than substantive issues.

Media Coverage Critiqued

This isn't the first time Stewart has become pretty peeved over the media's coverage of Trump-related news stories.

In a late April segment titled “America’s Most Tremendously Wanted,” he questioned the media’s ability to responsibly cover Trump, reflecting on past acknowledgments of their shortcomings in this area.

Stewart pointed out that the trial is not just a litmus test for the fairness of the American legal system but also for the media's capacity to cover such events judiciously. Beyond the trial, Stewart’s monologue extended to other topical issues, including the backlash from conservative circles against the Biden administration's clean energy policies and the recent rebranding of the Boy Scouts of America to Scouting America.

He also addressed the controversy surrounding the administration's decision to withhold a shipment of munitions to Israel—a move that has sparked significant debate and criticism, including from Trump himself. Stewart ended his monologue with a biting remark directed at Trump, sarcastically apologizing to a rabbi after Trump criticized Biden's actions regarding Israel.

“Thank you so much for taking time off from your condom-less porn star hush money trial to deliver a shame lecture to Jews," Stewart said, promising to reflect on Trump's "moral standing" the next Yom Kippur.