Chris Rock Rejects Seinfeld’s Offer to Parody Oscars Slap in ‘Unfrosted’

Seinfeld shares creative insights on his Netflix debut film.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Rock Rejects Seinfeld’s Offer to Parody Oscars Slap in ‘Unfrosted’
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Jerry Seinfeld is the director of a Netflix comedy that was recently released, "Unfrosted." Yet maybe nowhere near the truth came in the latest opening, with an amazing fly-on-the-wall aside, with the "Fly on the Wall" podcast.

With the intense competition between cereal titans Kellogg's and Post to invent Pop-Tarts, the comedy may have given center stage to a blistering pastiche with Chris Rock. During the podcast, Seinfeld shared that he had envisioned Rock emceeing the fictional Bowl & Spoon Awards in the film, shortly after the 2022 Oscars incident where Will Smith famously slapped Rock.

Seinfeld's plan was to inject a bit of dark humor by having Rock retaliate against a fictional aggressor on stage. “I was going to have somebody come up on the stage and have Chris punch 'em out as they got there,” Seinfeld explained.

However, the real-life fallout from the Oscars was still fresh, and Rock, feeling considerably shaken by the event, was not ready to confront it in a comedic setting. As a result, the scene was reimagined with Cedric the Entertainer as Stu Smiley, who hosts the awards without incident, leaving the original provocative idea unexplored.

Seinfeld lamented the missed opportunity but expressed his appreciation for Cedric stepping in, remarking, “Cedric saved the day. I love Cedric”.

Parody Reception Questioned

The conversation then shifted towards whether the audience would have appreciated Rock's parody of the incident.

Dana Carvey, co-host of the podcast, speculated that without the shadow of the real Oscars slap, it might have been received well. However, he acknowledged the "residual darkness" that the actual event cast, complicating the humor.

Seinfeld mused on the allure of such "residual darkness" in storytelling, questioning the potential success of his unused idea. "Isn’t that what we're attracted to more than anything?" he posed, reflecting on the fine line between humor and sensitivity.

Post-Oscars, Rock has maintained a low profile, focusing on healing from the public debacle, while Smith has since apologized and resigned from the Academy, which also banned him for ten years. Watch the full dialogue on the "Fly on the Wall" podcast to delve deeper into this fascinating intersection of cinema and real-life drama.

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