Bravo Clears Andy Cohen, Sets Stage for 'WWHL' Renewal

Exploring the intersection of reality TV and personal challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Bravo Clears Andy Cohen, Sets Stage for 'WWHL' Renewal
© Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Andy Cohen, the prominent face of Bravo's late-night spectacle Watch What Happens Live (WWHL), has been cleared of recent allegations as confirmed by an external investigation, paving the way for the show's renewal through 2025.

This resolution comes just in time for NBCUniversal's upcoming upfront presentation, showcasing Cohen’s continued influence within the network amidst a flurry of claims from former Real Housewives stars. The investigation was launched following claims made by Brandi Glanville and Leah McSweeney, among others, that he had acted improperly toward them while they appeared on the Real Housewives series.

A spokesperson for Bravo stated that, the results of the independent third-party investigation, showed that those allegations had no merits, leading to the reinstatement of Cohen's contract and the show moving to another season.

In a recent cover story for The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen addressed these accusations publicly for the first time. He expressed constraints around discussing certain specifics due to legal complexities but vehemently denied the severity of the claims, particularly those pertaining to fostering an environment hostile to sobriety and engaging in substance misuse with cast members.

Supporting Sobriety on Set

Cohen’s response highlighted the diverse experiences of cast members regarding alcohol, pointing out several who have maintained sobriety despite the show's backdrop of high drama and frequent social drinking.

"We've been very supportive of people’s sobriety," Cohen remarked, dismissing the notion of any malicious intent to compromise the well-being of the participants. The renewal of WWHL and the ongoing success of the Real Housewives franchise—which will see new seasons across various cities including Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and Miami—indicate a robust audience appetite and network confidence despite the backdrop of controversy.

Furthermore, Cohen, reflecting on his 20-year tenure at Bravo, shared his pride in the relationships and platforms built, acknowledging the criticisms but focusing on the positive impacts of his work. His commitment remains strong despite the challenges, marking him as a resilient figure in the reality TV landscape.

As the Real Housewives saga continues, with new seasons and spin-offs in the pipeline, the network and Cohen aim to move past these allegations, focusing on delivering captivating content to their loyal viewership. The upcoming seasons promise more intrigue and entertainment, ensuring the franchise's place in the pantheon of reality TV staples.