John Oliver Relieved Clarence Thomas Remains on Supreme Court

John Oliver proposes a unique deal to a Justice

by Zain ul Abedin
John Oliver Relieved Clarence Thomas Remains on Supreme Court
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

During a recent appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," John Oliver, the acerbic host of HBO’s "Last Week Tonight," expressed a blend of relief and disappointment over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas not accepting his earlier public resignation offer.

Several months ago, Oliver had provocatively promised Justice Thomas a staggering sum of $1 million annually until either of them passed away, sweetening the deal with the inclusion of a brand-new motor home. The offer, which Oliver extended with a 30-day deadline, clearly aimed to sway Thomas into stepping down from his Supreme Court duties.

Justice Thomas, a figure often surrounded by controversy due to his conservative stances, chose to remain in his pivotal role, much to Oliver’s simultaneous relief and frustration. Reflecting on this decision, Oliver shared with Meyers, "It was both a huge relief and massively disappointing that he didn't take it." The renowned comedian’s proposal, while bold, was not taken seriously by Thomas, leading to no change in the latter’s judicial standing.

Oliver's Open Offer

Despite the gravity of his offer, Oliver revealed that his wife was not exactly enthusiastic when he initially made the proposal. Yet, demonstrating his typical blend of humor and stubbornness, Oliver indicated his readiness to reinitiate negotiations should Thomas express any interest in resigning before the Supreme Court's critical decisions in June.

"As long as he gets out before they're doing the June decisions, I would be willing to open discussions again," Oliver remarked. He added humorously, "If you want to get in touch and open up the negotiations again, I still have the contract in the drawer in my desk.

And I'd be willing to do that. But again, until one of us dies, and hopefully that will be you." Oliver’s comments, while clearly made in jest, underline his continued willingness to engage in unorthodox methods to provoke discussion and perhaps influence change within the U.S.

judicial system. This episode is yet another example of how Oliver uses his platform to blend comedy with commentary, addressing serious issues in a manner that captures the public's attention. Whether his renewed offer will be considered by Justice Thomas remains to be seen, but it certainly keeps the conversation about the judiciary lively and unpredictable.