Jeremy Strong May Join Jeremy Allen White in Springsteen Film

Film explores transformative power of Springsteen's 'Nebraska' album

by Zain ul Abedin
Jeremy Strong May Join Jeremy Allen White in Springsteen Film
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jeremy Strong, acclaimed for his role as Kendall Roy in HBO's "Succession," is potentially stepping into the shoes of Jon Landau, Bruce Springsteen’s influential manager, in the much-anticipated film "Deliver Me From Nowhere." This film, helmed by Scott Cooper, delves into the creation of Springsteen's iconic 1982 album, "Nebraska." "Deliver Me From Nowhere" draws its narrative from Warren Zanes's 2023 book, which explores the artistic and emotional journey behind "Nebraska," an album revered for its profound storytelling wrapped in minimalist soundscapes.

The project is a collaborative effort between 20th Century Studios and Disney, promising to offer an in-depth look at one of music’s most evocative records. Strong's potential involvement in the film follows his critically lauded portrayal of a complex media scion in "Succession," and his role as Roy Cohn in "The Apprentice," opposite Sebastian Stan as a young Donald Trump.

The latter is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Producing 'Nebraska' Biopic

"Nebraska" remains a seminal work in Springsteen’s discography, characterized by its raw, haunting themes of despair and introspection, a stark contrast to the buoyant "The River" album that preceded it.

The film seeks to capture the essence of what critics and music enthusiasts alike consider one of the greatest albums ever produced. Producing the biopic are The Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein (known for "The Maze Runner" trilogy) and Eric Robinson, along with Cooper and Zanes.

Scott Stuber, formerly of Netflix, joins the production team, marking his first venture since his departure from the streaming giant in March. As "Deliver Me From Nowhere" progresses through its production phases, the involvement of talents like Jeremy Strong promises to bring a compelling layer of authenticity and depth to the portrayal of Springsteen’s musical journey and the pivotal role Landau played in it.

This film not only aims to chronicle the making of a legendary album but also to explore the deep connections and decisions that shaped it, offering audiences a unique glimpse into the Boss's world.