Drake's Toronto Mansion Targeted in Break-In, Police Report Day After Shooting

Toronto reels from shocking violence at celebrity residence.

by Nouman Rasool
Drake's Toronto Mansion Targeted in Break-In, Police Report Day After Shooting
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Drake's Toronto mansion has been investigated by police for the second day in a row after an incident within 48 hours that first involved an attempted break-in and then a shooting by a security guard. Toronto police also added that one person was arrested on Wednesday after trying to break into the rapper's home.

The suspect is now in custody on health grounds, thereby raising worries about security in homes of high profile. That arrest followed hot on the heels of a more brutal incident on the morning of the past Tuesday, in which a man security guard was gunned down as he was posted outside Drake's mansion.

Apparently, two gunned men approached the security guard in his pick-up vehicle at around 2 a.m., with his vehicle and opened fire, only to drive off after the shooting.

Guard Seriously Injured

A serious shot was inflicted upon the security guard, who was given a quick lift to a hospital.

He was seriously shot. Inspector Krawczyk also added that this shooting is under investigation. The police are using every resource and the best of what they have. This case, though notorious now, he tried to push the idea that his case is being dealt with just like any other case.

The probe was complicated by the fact that the police had not found out whether or not Drake was home at the moment of the shooting. At the same time, though, they could confirm that the artist's team was offering full cooperation with the probe.

The police also obtained some video, which should contain the most important evidence about the currently unknown assailants. They say, so far, police have not released the description of the vehicle or established the number of suspects involved, while the motive of the shooting remains unknown.

These have been pretty tense times for Drake, who has been fighting his corner recently in the public domain on diss tracks with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar. Such a happening explains the type of unforeseen threats that come with stardom and causes a review of the efficiency of the present security measures on such personalities.

The Toronto police are asking for any eyewitness or people with information to step forward during the investigation, hoping to have the suspects captured and therefore save more threats that the perpetrators plan to carry out within the community and its significant members.