Georgia Harrison Details Revenge Leaked Video Trauma

Georgia Harrison discusses her ordeal in parliamentary testimony.

by Nouman Rasool
Georgia Harrison Details Revenge Leaked Video Trauma
© Leon Neal/Getty Images

Reality TV star Georgia Harrison has given evidence to a group of MPs over her harrowing experience of intimate image abuse without her consent. It emerged after her ordeal, with former Celebrity Big Brother victor Stephen Bear secretly filming them having s-- and posting it to his OnlyFans site, from where it spread all over social media and internet platforms.

Harrison told the Women and Equalities Committee that the video went viral in a short space of time on dozens of porn websites and social media sites, that it reached her family, colleagues, and friends within a couple of days, and that there was no immediate help on these platforms, with response time taking from four to six days—a woefully insufficient period to prevent very serious personal and professional damage.

Bear was also convicted of voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private s----- photographs and films with intent to cause distress. He was released after just over half his 21 month sentence. And an order has been made that he must now repay the £22,305 in earnings from the video with an additional £5,000 to Harrison, for the emotional and financial distress caused.

Harrison's Advocacy Testimony

During the testimony, Harrison expressed her frustrations with how the social media companies handle these cases right now. She suggested that a system be put in place that would automatically stop any reported content if a complaint of non-consensual activity were to come in, pending full investigation, rather than having to wait days.

Harrison's story made her the accidental ambassador for all victims of image-based s----- abuse. Sharing that she received messages from people needing help and narrating the same stories almost every day, she said that really hit home.

She is doing all of this for lobbying a change in the law that she believes should put the rights and needs of the victims first. That experience has made Harrison very worried about the future, especially if she were to have a family, and the abusive material was to reappear in years to come. She's determined to fight for a legal environment where no one can undergo what she has.