Jeff Ross: Tom Brady Unfazed by Robert Kraft Joke at Netflix Roast

NFL icon Tom Brady gets roasted on Netflix special

by Zain ul Abedin
Jeff Ross: Tom Brady Unfazed by Robert Kraft Joke at Netflix Roast
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Sunday night's live Netflix roast of Tom Brady, hosted by Kevin Hart, turned unexpectedly edgy when comedian Jeff Ross directed a controversial joke toward Patriots owner Robert Kraft, referencing a past legal scandal involving solicitation charges at Florida massage parlors.

Ross's quip, linking Brady's rookie promise of greatness to Kraft with an offer of a massage, stirred visible discomfort from Brady who cautioned Ross from the podium, urging him not to repeat the remark. However, in a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Ross clarified that Brady's reaction wasn't as severe as it appeared.

Ross suggested that Brady, who views Kraft as a father figure, was playing along with the roast's provocative nature. "He's having fun," Ross remarked, "It's like that's his dad. Robert Kraft is like a father figure to him; he was just showing his love for Robert Kraft." The joke Ross cracked at the roast was a nod to the 2019 incident where Kraft was charged with paying for s-x acts, captured on surveillance during a crackdown on Florida massage parlors.

Although Kraft pleaded not guilty, and the charges were later dismissed when an appeals court ruled the video footage inadmissible, the reference was bold and controversial.

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Ross also shared that Kraft himself enjoyed the joke, noting a positive exchange following the roast.

"We had a great talk afterwards. He was so happy that I gave him a shout-out and a salute. It was beautiful," said Ross, who also dubbed himself the "Roastmaster General." The roast, part of the Netflix Is a Joke Fest, was a star-studded affair featuring appearances by notables like Kim Kardashian, former Patriots coach Bill Belichick, and Will Ferrell in character as Ron Burgundy from "Anchorman." Comedian Nikki Glaser was among the other celebrities who took turns poking fun at the NFL superstar.

Ross revealed the backstory of how the roast was organized, stemming from a request he made after Brady's last Super Bowl win. "I hit him up. I knew he was a roast fan," Ross explained. The plans were postponed when Brady briefly un-retired, then reorganized for the festival to align with the availability of other comedians.

Reflecting on the event, Ross expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, likening it to a victorious campaign: "I think it was worth the wait because [Brady] was loose and fun and, man, I feel like we won an election or something."

Despite the mixed reactions to the controversial joke, the evening highlighted the complex relationships and enduring camaraderie within the sports and entertainment communities, underscored by a blend of humor and respect.

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