Tom Holland Suffers Head Injury During Family Golf Day in Scotland

Actor Tom Holland's golf game takes an unexpected turn

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Holland Suffers Head Injury During Family Golf Day in Scotland
© Euan Cherry/Getty Images

In a quirky twist to a family day out, actor Tom Holland encountered an unexpected hazard on the golf course—not a sand trap, but a direct hit to the head. The "Spider-Man: No Way Home" star shared his painful ordeal through a vivid Instagram Story post on Monday, May 6, complete with a photo showing a notably large bump and a bloodied mark on his forehead.

Holland humorously captioned the image, "Who ever said golf isn’t a contact sport is full of s---. You can almost see the dimples." The incident occurred during a family golf outing in Scotland, where Holland was playing alongside his father, Dominic Holland, and friends.

According to a detailed account on Dominic's Patreon blog, the injury was the result of a misguided golf ball hit from 80 yards away by Alex Roberts, a scratch golfer and a close friend of Tom's. Dominic described the moment with a hint of irony, noting that the ball struck Tom "on the right of his forehead" and if it had been "just a few cm’s to his left or right," the outcome could have been different.

Dominic's post revealed that the accident was a shock to everyone present, especially Tom, who fell to the ground as if he had been shot. Thankfully, the actor's woolly hat provided some level of protection, which Dominic joked was "mandatory for survival" in Scotland's April weather.

Tom's Humorous Recovery

Despite the mishap, Tom was quick to find humor in the situation. His father's post playfully noted that Roberts, once a member of Tom's inner circle, had been "relegated to the outer circle," humorously adding that he was no longer "inside the ropes." Following the incident, Tom was taken to the hospital for precautionary checks to ensure no serious injuries had occurred.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Tom's girlfriend, Zendaya, was attending the 2024 Met Gala in New York City as a co-chair. Despite the physical distance, Tom showed his support by posting adoring emojis alongside images of Zendaya's stunning outfits at the Gala.

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