Trump Downplays Abortion Importance, Calls GOP 'Party of Fertilization'

Trump's latest remarks stir controversy in recent interview.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Downplays Abortion Importance, Calls GOP 'Party of Fertilization'
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Speaking to FOX-2 Detroit, former President Donald Trump said some inflammatory words on abortion, stating that "it is not that big of an issue" and that the GOP is the "party of fertilization." His remarks came at a time when abortion rights are proving to be a major electoral issue—surely since the Supreme Court overturned its Roe v.

Wade decision in 2022, a move Donald Trump supported, which sent debate into overdrive nationwide. This position by Trump seems to fly in the face of national sentiment, as recent polls show that the 2024 election could pivot greatly on the future of abortion and contraceptive access.

Despite how polarized public opinion is, Trump insinuated that the debate over abortion should be diminished in national politics in favor of state-level decision-making. "I think the abortion issue should largely be taken off the table because the individual states are doing what they are doing," he said, downplaying a federal role for the controversial issue.

Trump Praises SCOTUS Ruling

It goes on to fan the flames of controversy when Trump lauded a decision by the Supreme Court to void Roe v. Wade, bringing to a close a 50-year precedent of federal abortion rights. He even credited his government for having nominated three of the conservative justices who made the ruling possible.

"For many, many years, people have said we've got to bring this back to the states to decide, and that's now working," Trump said in comments that seemed to suggest he's pleased with the status quo of individual states making their own laws on abortion.

Additionally, Trump's attempt to align the Republican Party with the support of in vitro fertilization (IVF) seemed to confuse more than clarify. He claimed, “We want to help the women because they were going to end fertilization, which is where, when the IVF, where women go to the clinics and they get help in having a baby, and that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

And we’re for it a 100%”. This statement stands in stark contrast to the actions of some GOP members who have historically opposed certain reproductive technologies, including IVF. Trump also ventured into more extreme territory by falsely claiming that abortions are routinely performed in the ninth month of pregnancy, and even beyond, statements that have been widely discredited by medical professionals and legal scholars alike.

His assertion that "every legal scholar ... all over the world" supported the overturning of Roe v. Wade has also been challenged. Prominent legal experts, including Mary Ziegler, a professor of law at the University of California, Davis, have refuted these claims, emphasizing that many legal scholars and a majority of Americans opposed the decision to overturn Roe.